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Virtuoso Assistant Review

Information About the Company

Virtuoso Assistant, UK based company, provides robust virtual assistant services designed to help busy professionals, companies, and entrepreneurs streamline their operations. Founded and headed by a team of experienced professionals, the company has been delivering top-quality assistance to its clients globally. With their strong emphasis on meeting individual client needs, Virtuoso Assistant has established an admirable reputation in the industry.

What Areas They Work With

Virtuoso Assistant offers their services across a broad spectrum of industries. These include:

Healthcare: With their understanding of the complexities associated with the healthcare industry from scheduling appointments to managing patient records, they offer personalized services to healthcare professionals.
Real Estate: Real estate professionals can benefit from Virtuoso’s VA services in managing listings, coordinating with clients and handling paperwork.
E-commerce: They support e-commerce business owners by managing product listings, customer service, inventory management, and other related tasks.

What Services Provides

Virtuoso Assistant offers a variety of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients. These include:

Executive Assistance: From scheduling meetings to managing correspondence, they handle tasks critical for top executives.
Digital Marketing: They offer strategies to improve online presence, like SEO, social media management, and content creation.
Bookkeeping: They handle finances, invoices, payroll and other financial tasks for businesses.


Virtuoso Assistant offers competitively-priced subscription packages based on the number of hours required. Prices start at £180 per month for 10 hours and reach up to £720 a month for 50 hours, with custom packages also available for specific business needs.


Opting for Virtuoso Assistant offers several advantages such as:

– Access to a dedicated, experienced virtual assistant.
– Flexible pricing based on exact needs.
– Time and energy savings for business owners.


While they offer a great service, potential downsides include:

– Rates might be viewed as high by small businesses or startups.
– Lack of 24/7 customer support.


In conclusion, Virtuoso Assistant is a sturdy option for anyone in need of reliable, professional virtual assistant services. Their wide range of services, industry coverage, and competitive pricing fits most business needs despite minor setbacks.


Does Virtuoso offer trial services?

They offer a consultation, but not a free trial service.

Is there a contract for their services?

Virtuoso offers a flexible, rolling monthly contract with no long-term commitment.

How secure is their service?

Virtuoso has measures in place to ensure the data and privacy of their clients are secured.

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