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Virtual Staff PH Review

Information About the Company

Virtual Staff PH is a premier outsourcing platform based in the Philippines, specializing in providing small and medium businesses worldwide with access to highly skilled virtual assistants. Founded by entrepreneur Michael Brodie, who personally experienced the struggles and potential benefits of outsourcing, the company has grown to become a leading choice for businesses seeking efficient and affordable virtual assistant services.

What Areas They Work With

Virtual Staff PH offers services across various industries, demonstrating versatility and competence in handling diverse business needs.

For instance:
E-Commerce: Virtual Staff PH helps e-commerce businesses manage their online stores, inventory, customer service, and more.
Real Estate: Real estate professionals benefit from their services such as lead generation, appointment setting, and administrative tasks.
Digital Agencies: The company provides skilled staff for content creation, SEO, social media management, and other digital marketing tasks.

What Services Provides

Virtual Staff PH offers a wide range of services divided into five categories:
General Virtual Assistance: Answering emails, performing data entry tasks, scheduling, and other administrative tasks.
SEO & Digital Marketing: Social Media Management, Content Marketing, and SEO.
Web Development & Graphic Design: Responsive Web Design, WordPress Development, Graphic Design, and more.
Accounting & Bookkeeping: Providing virtual accountants skilled in QuickBooks, Xero, and other accounting software.
Customer Service (Phone, Email, & Chat): Handling customer inquiries, and providing aftersales support.


The company offers affordable yet flexible pricing based on the skill level of the virtual assistant. The rates range from $3-$12 per hour. Businesses can choose to hire full-time, part-time or project-based assistants.


– Cost-effective: Hiring a virtual assistant from Virtual Staff PH is less expensive than hiring full-time, in-house employees.
– Flexibility: They offer both short-term and long-term engagement models to suit varied business needs.
– Quality Assurance: Virtual assistants are carefully selected for their capabilities and reliability, ensuring top-notch service.


– Time zone differences may be a challenge for real-time communication.
– There might be occasional language barriers despite English proficiency of the virtual assistants.


Virtual Staff PH stands out as an excellent choice for anyone seeking dedicated, competent, and cost-effective virtual assistants. The company’s commitment to providing personal, flexible, and high-quality services has made it a trusted partner in the global outsourcing scene.


What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a person who provides various services to businesses from a remote location.

How does Virtual Staff PH ensure quality?

They have a rigorous selection process in place to only hire competent and dependable virtual assistants.

What are the payment options available at Virtual Staff PH?

They accept payments via bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal.

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