Virtual Gurus Virtual Assistant Review

Information about the Company

Virtual Gurus has emerged as a vanguard in the virtual assistance realm, blending innovation with a commitment to diversity and inclusion. With roots deeply embedded in uplifting marginalized communities, they’ve curated a talent pool featuring members from First Nation, Métis, Inuit, and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, and others often sidelined in the traditional job market.
This dedication to diversity is matched by their technological prowess; an in-house developed algorithm coupled with machine learning ensures businesses are paired swiftly and accurately with compatible assistants.

What Areas They Work With

Executive and Administrative Support: Efficiently manage your tasks.

Bookkeeping: Keep your financial records in order.

Marketing: Enhance your brand with expert marketing support.

Social Media Management: Boost your online presence with social media experts.

Sales: Drive customer engagement and growth.

Real Estate: Streamline your real estate operations with specialized support.

Legal: Efficiently manage legal procedures with expert assistance.

Medical Office: Keep your medical practice running smoothly.

What are the Services They Provide

Executive Assistant: Streamlines executive tasks, optimizing workflow and managing personal/professional duties.

Administrative Assistant: Handles office support, from inbox coordination to event organization.

Bookkeeping Assistant: Oversees financial data, handling everything from entry to reconciliation.

Marketing Assistant: Drives promotional activities, curating content and overseeing campaigns.

Social Media Assistant: Amplifies online brand presence, managing content and community engagement.

Sales Assistant: Facilitates customer outreach, from lead tracking to presentation crafting.

Real Estate Assistant: Aids agents with listings, viewings, and property coordination.

Legal Assistant: Assists law operations, from scheduling to client interactions.

Medical Office Assistant: Supports medical offices, managing appointments, billing, and record-keeping.


Starting at just $350 per month, Virtual Gurus offers scalable packages tailored to individual business needs.


Trusted Talent: Virtual assistants in Canada and the U.S. are highly skilled, rigorously assessed, and committed to quality.

Effortless Matching: Advanced algorithm quickly connects you with the right virtual assistants.

Diversity Focus: Includes talent from underrepresented communities, bringing unique perspectives to your business.

Flexible Subscriptions: Tailor your plan starting at $350/month to fit your needs and scale as your business evolves.


Training Needs: Some businesses might need initial sessions to orient the assistant with unique tools or company protocols.

Data Security: Sharing crucial business details with Virtual Assistants could pose data protection concerns for certain enterprises.

Subscription Model: Despite its flexibility, the commitment may not cater to companies with varying needs or those needing temporary aid.

Skill Constraints: Virtual Gurus might not encompass every niche skill or industry expertise sought by clients..


In the digital age, virtual assistants are essential, and Virtual Gurus leads the way. Virtual Gurus recruitment guarantees exceptional talent, highlighted by a diverse team that epitomizes boundless skill. Their unique, tech-infused matching ensures businesses find the perfect fit, promising significant long-term benefits after initial adjustments.

Virtual Gurus offers unmatched adaptability with flexible subscriptions to suit dynamic business needs. Amid many virtual assistance options, Virtual Gurus distinguishes itself with superior quality, diversity, and flexibility. Virtual Gurus is the go-to partner for businesses prioritizing efficiency and inclusivity.


How long does it take to onboard my virtual assistant?

The onboarding process generally takes a few days to a week, depending on the complexity of tasks and the level of integration required with your team and systems.

How will my virtual assistant track their hours?

Virtual assistants track their hours through our proprietary software called Talentplace. You’ll receive reports detailing how the hours were spent, and you can view this information anytime through your client portal.

Who owns the work completed by my virtual assistant?

As a client, you own the work completed by your virtual assistant. The work they do for you is considered work-for-hire under our agreement.

Can I use my virtual assistant for multiple businesses?

Yes, as long as the tasks fall within the agreed-upon hours and comply with terms of service, you can use your virtual assistant to support multiple businesses.

What if I use more hours than my package includes?

Overage policy allows at a $5 premium over your current effective hourly rate. If you find yourself consistently using overage hours, it might be more cost-effective to increase your plan by contacting Client Success team.