Specialty Answering Service (SAS) Virtual Assistant Review 2024

Information about the Company

Specialty Answering Service (SAS) has carved a niche in the call center industry over the past three decades. They seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with their top-notch virtual receptionists. As a result, customers receive a memorable experience around the clock.

Through rigorous training and stringent quality control, SAS ensures that their agents consistently surpass industry benchmarks. This approach translates into a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. By leveraging advanced software and skilled agents, SAS empowers businesses to deliver impeccable customer service day in and day out.

What Areas They Work With

Accounting: They champion client needs, forging trust and satisfaction.

Advertising: SAS extends holistic customer care, curating a positive business aura.

Agriculture: By offering tailored solutions, they foster business growth, staying ahead of competitors.

Apparel: Recognizing the fashion industry’s nuances, they emphasize premium customer service.

Automobile: They steer automotive businesses towards efficiency, addressing customer queries swiftly.

Career: Even during offline hours, their live-voice reception ensures uninterrupted connectivity between clients and staff.

Chemical: With 24/7 client care, SAS becomes an indispensable ally for chemical businesses.

Construction: They lay the foundation for enduring customer relationships through specialized answering services.

Education: From fundraising initiatives to staffing substitutes, they elevate the education sector’s productivity.

Energy: They electrify customer service for the energy sector, addressing concerns diligently.

Engineering: By prioritizing unwavering client support, they cater to the engineering industry’s rigorous demands.

Entertainment: For businesses in entertainment, SAS crafts solutions that match the industry’s dynamic nature.

Financial: Aware of the financial sector’s round-the-clock requirements, they stand committed to superior client care.

Funeral: They offer compassionate and efficient services, ensuring seamless funeral coordination.

Government: With a dedication to exemplary public service, they underscore every citizen’s right to stellar service.

Healthcare: SAS guarantees swift and efficient communication for medical clients and patients.

IT: They devise strategies to overcome IT challenges, optimizing customer service and operational efficiency.

Legal: By championing unparalleled service standards, they ensure legal clients experience the best.

Non-Profit: Recognizing the unique requirements of non-profits, they tailor their services accordingly.

Professional Services: SAS accentuates the value of live-voice answering, fostering client contentment.

Real Estate: Amidst real estate market fluctuations, they maintain a consistent quality of service.

Retail: By offering 24/7 live reception, they aim to enhance the retail sector’s reputation.

Telecommunications: They curate top-tier customer service solutions, enabling telecom businesses to flourish.

Transportation: With timely live-voice reception and dispatch services, they drive client satisfaction.

Travel: They curate bespoke customer care services for the travel industry, cultivating client loyalty.

What are the Services They Provide

Answering Services: Whether businesses need automated or personal answering, they’ve got it handled.

Call Center Solutions: They masterfully manage after-sales support to hotline services.

Dedicated Call Center: With offerings like agent-assisted sales, technical backing, and even social media marketing, they redefine call center excellence.

Lead Generation Services: From appointment setting to telemarketing, they cover a broad spectrum.

Virtual Receptionists: Available 24/7, this service encompasses custom scripting, bilingual offerings, and much more.


Plan Name Base Monthly Price Cost per Minute After Base Minutes
Economy $38 $1.39
100 Minute $139 $1.29
220 Minute $239 $1.29
500 Minute $589 $1.19
1,000 Minute $1089 $1.15
2,500 Minute $2650 $1.09
5,000 Minute $5099 $1.09
10,000 Minute $9599 $0.99


Personalized Touch with Virtual Reception: Using SAS’s versatile app, businesses can equip themselves with a dedicated virtual receptionist. Directly through the platform, clients have the power to shape how live operators respond, craft the call scripts, and tailor messaging to fit their unique requirements.

Crafted Expertise for Small Businesses: 24/7 live operator access combined with fluid software integrations places SAS among the elite answering services tailored for small businesses. Furthermore, they meld perfectly with your existing software tools, promising a smooth communication flow.

A Step Beyond Basic Call Answering: More than just taking calls, SAS elevates the experience. Boasting a roster of advanced functionalities, they capably process orders, converse in Spanish, handle emails and texts, and adeptly tackle customer service inquiries.

Plunge into Call Analytics: Delve deep into your call data with SAS’s intricate analytics. They churn out comprehensive reports encompassing minute usage, pinpointing caller geolocation, identifying peak call intervals, evaluating script performance, and much more, casting a spotlight on pivotal customer touchpoints.

Ready to Scale When You Are: For businesses sensing an incoming call influx, SAS stands poised to scale. They adeptly juggle amplified call volumes, messages, and deftly steer pressing issues to the appropriate staff members.

Versatile Business Solutions for Specific Sectors: While SAS resonates with a broad spectrum of small businesses, certain sectors find them especially invaluable. Armed with tools designed to amplify customer interactions, they’ve become an ally for sectors like medical establishments, law practices, and realty firms, to name a few.


Initial Setup Fee: There’s a one-time fee of $50 for setting up your account after the trial. This might be off-putting for some businesses looking for a cost-effective solution without any additional charges.

Overage Alert Dependency: While SAS offers billing alerts, businesses have to set these up manually. If not monitored closely, there’s a chance of unexpected overages.

Potential Plan Confusion: If a business selects the wrong plan, although adjustments can be made, it might cause initial inconveniences or billing issues.

Limitation in Payment Methods: SAS only accepts payments online and through major credit cards. Businesses that wish to use alternative payment methods like checks or purchase orders must make special arrangements.

Month-to-Month Service: Some businesses might prefer long-term contracts that can secure pricing for an extended period. With SAS, since the service is month-to-month, there’s potential variability in costs as plans and pricing could change.

Billing for Previous Usage: On canceling the service, businesses are billed not only for the current month but also for any usage from the previous month. This might not be intuitive for everyone and can result in unexpected charges.


In the diverse world of virtual receptionist solutions, Specialty Answering Service (SAS) shines as a model of reliability and efficiency. They don’t just offer a service; they customize it to match the unique requirements of each client. With their generous two-week trial, businesses can directly see the positive changes SAS brings to call management. Moreover, their variety of plans ensures both budding startups and seasoned enterprises find a fit.

In today’s digital era, SAS prioritizes security. They actively uphold PCI compliance, boast ISO certification, and employ top-notch encryption methods, reinforcing trust in a time when data breaches often make headlines.

However, the real strength of SAS lies in its adaptability. They steer clear of long-term contracts, offering businesses the freedom to change plans as needed. This approach ensures that businesses aren’t shoehorned into a fixed setup. Further emphasizing their customer-centric vision, SAS sends billing alerts, keeping clients informed and empowered.

Effective communication drives modern business success. With SAS as a partner, it’s not merely about call answering. Instead, it’s a commitment to making every interaction count, ensuring clients feel valued. To conclude, businesses aiming to elevate their communication and deepen customer relationships need not look further than SAS—a partner aligned with their goals.


What if I don’t know how many calls my business receives per month?

The 2-week free trial offered by SAS can help in this regard. It provides businesses with an insight into their average call volume, allowing them to gauge potential monthly costs. With the capability to handle over 30,000 calls daily, SAS is equipped to meet demands of any scale.

Is there a setup fee?

There’s no setup fee during the trial. However, after the trial, if a business opts to continue with SAS, a one-time fee of $50 is applied. This fee facilitates the transition of account details into SAS’s billing and ticketing systems and the shift of scripting protocols from trial to active status.

Do you have per call plans?

Yes, in addition to their standard packages, SAS provides per call pricing under their Essentials plan. To determine eligibility for per call billing, it’s advised to contact SAS directly.

Do I have to sign a contract?

SAS offers a hassle-free experience—no paperwork and no long-term commitments. They provide services on a month-to-month basis, with billing based on minutes used. Businesses retain the freedom to adjust or discontinue services as needed.

Do you have any cancellation fees?

Not at all. Clients can terminate their subscription anytime. They’ll be invoiced for the current month and any charges from the preceding month. Thereafter, no additional bills are sent.

What if I choose the wrong plan?

No worries. SAS offers a feature to set billing alerts in their portal. This ensures businesses are notified if they surpass their plan limits or if another plan becomes more economical. Alerts can also be configured for usage milestones, such as reaching 25%, 50%, or 75% of the plan’s limit. Detailed instructions for this can be found in SAS’s helpdesk.

How do you bill?

SAS conducts monthly billing and accepts all major credit cards, encompassing Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. They process payments exclusively online. However, for businesses wishing to use purchase orders or opt for payment methods like checks or PayPal, they can communicate their preferences to SAS at service@specialtyansweringservice.net.