REVA Global Review

Information about the Company

REVA Global is a leading global virtual assistant company. The business operates out of the United States, but its team of highly trained assistants, known as Real Estate Virtual Experts (REVEs), are based in the Philippines. Founded by Bob Lachance, an experienced real estate investor, the company offers a host of services targeted towards professionals in the real estate sector. Since its inception, REVA has stayed true to its mission of providing businesses with the necessary virtual support to streamline their operations, maximize efficiency, and ultimately, achieve higher returns on investment.

What Areas They Work With

  • Real Estate

    The company primarily operates in the real estate industry, providing assistance to real estate professionals such as agents, investors, and brokers. This includes tasks such as managing MLS, conducting real estate market analysis, and updating property listings.

  • E-commerce

    REVA Global also extends its services to e-commerce businesses. They take care of managing online stores, uploading inventory, and handling customer service queries.

  • Administration

    The administrative sector also benefits from the company’s virtual assistance services, with tasks including calendar management, email sorting, and data entry being efficiently looked after.

What Services Provides

  • Virtual Assistant Placement

    REVA matches businesses with highly qualified virtual assistants who have been thoroughly screened and trained to handle a wide range of tasks.

  • Lead Generation Services

    The company specializes in sourcing and managing high-quality leads for real estate businesses, playing a significant role in property acquisitions and sales.

  • Customer Service Support

    Virtual assistants from REVA are trained in delivering efficient and professional customer service, aiding in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


REVA Global offers a flexible pricing model, providing both part-time and full-time assistance. Prices start from $10 per hour for a dedicated virtual assistant. The pricing varies depending upon the complexity of the tasks and the experience of the assistant.


  • Access to highly trained, reliable virtual assistants.
  • Flexible pricing structures suited to the needs of the business.
  • Reduction in operational costs through efficient task management.
  • Allows businesses to focus on core tasks while mundane tasks are taken care of.


  • The time difference may pose a challenge for immediate assistance.
  • Communication can sometimes be an issue due to cultural differences.


Overall, REVA Global is a credible choice for businesses, especially within the realm of real estate, seeking competent and reliable virtual assistant services. There are a few factors which might pose a challenge, but the numerous benefits offered by REVA make it a strong contender in the market of virtual assistant providers.


What is the usual turnaround time for tasks assigned to a REVA assistant?

The turnaround time largely depends on the nature of the task. However, normal tasks are usually completed within a business day.

Can you communicate with the REVA virtual assistant on a regular basis?

Yes, you can communicate with your assigned assistant via various channels such as Skype, email, or phone as per your convenience.

Are there any additional fees other than the hourly rate?

No, REVA Global maintains transparency in their pricing with no hidden costs. The hourly rate includes all services provided by the virtual assistant.