Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Prialto Virtual Assistant Review 2024

Prialto stands out as a pioneer in managed administrative services.

Information about the company

Founded in 2009 in Silicon Valley by global financial industry executive Eric Taussig, Prialto stands out as a pioneer in managed administrative services. With a strong emphasis on human-centered connection and empowerment, Prialto not only amplifies the lives and work of its members but also its employees. The company takes pride in hiring, training, and managing assistants as full-time employees, complete with full benefits. These assistants are empowered with the same tools and systems that executives use, ensuring seamless integration and efficiency. Moreover, Prialto’s commitment to performance management and professional development sets it apart in the industry.

What areas they work with

  • Individuals:
    • Virtual Sales Assistant Services
    • Real Estate Virtual Assistants
    • Professional Insurance Virtual Assistants
    • Venture Capital Virtual Executive Assistants for VC and Private Equity Firms
  • Teams & Organizations:
    • Virtual Executive Assistant
  • Enterprise Teams:
    • Professional Support for Enterprise Companies

What services does the company provide?

  • For Individuals:
    • Virtual Sales Assistant Services: Strategic task management with utmost care.
    • Real Estate Virtual Assistants: Concierge Client Experience, contact management, and marketing for listings.
    • Professional Insurance Virtual Assistants: Efficient client communication, lead follow-ups, quote tracking, application handling, and marketing offerings.
    • Venture Capital Virtual Executive Assistants: Assistance in Calendar Management, Contact Management, Streamlined Communication, Document Preparation, Travel Support, and Expense Management.
  • For Teams & Organizations:
    • Virtual Executive Assistant: Comprehensive support in Calendar Management, Task Management, Expense Management, CRM Management, Relationship Management, and Travel Management.
  • For Enterprise Teams:
    • Professional Support for Enterprise Companies: Tailored solutions for large-scale operations.


Prialto’s pricing structure is transparent and straightforward. They operate on a “Prialto Unit” system, which is a flat monthly rate devoid of hidden costs or overage fees. All plans come with backup support and continuous consulting with an Engagement Manager to ensure maximum ROI.

Service Type Units Hours of Support Members Features Price
Individual 1-3 units 55+ hours/month 1 member Individual process design, Quarterly consultations $1450/unit/month
Teams 3+ units 165+ hours/month 3+ members Team process design, Monthly consultations $1450/unit/month
Enterprise 8+ units 440+ hours/month 8+ members Extended pilots, Organization-wide design Contact for pricing


  • Performance Management: Robust internal management and quality assurance processes.
  • Back-up Support: Ensures continuity of urgent tasks with primary and secondary back-up assistants.
  • Scalability: Adjust support levels without disruptions.
  • Cost: Transparent cost matrix using the Prialto Unit system.
  • Information Security: Comprehensive data protection.
  • Productivity Path: Amplify productivity at every stage, from onboarding to adoption.
  • Unique Incentive Compensation: Financial rewards for both individual and company success.
  • High Performance Growth Paths: Promote-first-from-within policy ensures growth.


Limited Availability: One of the primary concerns for potential clients might be the restricted availability of assistants during nights or weekends. This limitation arises from Prialto’s adherence to local labor laws, which, while ensuring ethical practices, might not cater to businesses operating in different time zones or those requiring round-the-clock support.

Lack of Direct Control: Clients who prefer a hands-on approach might find Prialto’s model a bit restrictive. The company takes the reins in the selection and hiring process, matching clients with virtual assistants based on expertise. While this ensures a high level of professional matching, it might not resonate with everyone.

Absence of a Free Trial: In an industry where many competitors offer free trials to lure potential clients, Prialto’s omission of this feature on their website might be seen as a drawback for those wanting to test the waters before committing.

No Rollover Hours: For businesses that don’t have a consistent monthly workload, the absence of rollover hours can be a concern. If a client doesn’t consume the allocated 55 hours in a month, those hours don’t carry over to the next month, potentially leading to perceived value loss.


Prialto, with its roots in Silicon Valley and over a decade of experience, has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself in the virtual assistant industry. Their human-centric approach, combined with a robust service offering, makes them a formidable choice for businesses and individuals alike. While they bring a lot to the table, like any service, they have areas that might not align with every potential client’s needs. The limited availability and lack of direct control in the hiring process might deter some. However, their impressive 98% client retention rate speaks volumes about their efficacy. With over a million hours of experience under their belt.



Quality of work:

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Prialto is not just redefining executive support; they are setting new benchmarks for what businesses should expect from a virtual assistant service in this digital age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Prialto work?

Prialto operates on a unique model known as the “Prialto Unit,” which offers clients 55 hours of executive support each month. Recognizing that business needs can fluctuate, this number is designed to be flexible. The Prialto Unit ensures that clients receive consistent, high-quality support tailored to their specific requirements.

Is 55 hours sufficient?

Based on Prialto’s extensive experience spanning over 12 years, the 55-hour benchmark has proven effective for a majority of executives. This amount roughly equates to one-third of a full-time employee’s hours, providing a balanced amount of support. However, if your needs exceed this, you have the option to add additional units.

Do you offer rollover hours?

Prialto has a client-friendly approach when it comes to hours. While they don’t offer traditional rollover hours, they don’t charge overages until a client consistently exceeds their allotted hours by 20-30%. This flexibility ensures that clients only consider adding another unit when there’s a genuine, consistent need for more support.

Is there a long-term contract?

Prialto values flexibility and client satisfaction. While they request an initial three-month commitment to ensure optimal service integration and to reach the “sweet spot” in the working relationship, post this period, clients are on a month-to-month basis. This structure ensures clients have the freedom to evaluate the service’s fit for their needs continuously.

What is a “managed virtual assistant service”?

Opting for a managed virtual assistant service like Prialto means you’re not just hiring an individual but an entire support system. This includes a team of account managers who document your processes, performance managers who train assistants based on your preferences, and backup assistants to ensure continuity. This holistic approach eliminates the need for direct management, HR involvement, payroll handling, or other overheads on the client’s part.

How is data security ensured?

Prialto prioritizes client data security. All assistants work in secure facilities using protected servers, networks, and company PCs. They access client systems with encrypted passwords, ensuring they never directly view your sensitive credentials. Moreover, access can be revoked at any time. Every Prialto employee undergoes thorough background checks and signs confidentiality agreements, further cementing the company’s commitment to data security.