Ninja VA Review

Information about the Company

Ninja VA, also known as Virtual Ninja, is a renowned company offering top of the line virtual assistant services to various businesses globally. Established with the primary aim to help businesses focus on core tasks, Ninja VA takes pride in providing expert assistance in a variety of administrative and technical undertakings. With a team of highly skilled professionals, Ninja VA ensures top-notch service delivery and client satisfaction.

What Areas They Work With

Ninja VA caters to numerous industries providing customized solutions according to their specific needs. Here are some of the industries they serve:

Real Estate: Ninja VA assists real estate entities in property management tasks, tracking vital documents and coordinating appointments.
E-commerce: They provide services like managing product listings, inventory management and customer service to e-commerce businesses.
Marketing Agencies: Ninja VA aids in data analysis, audience targeting and campaign management to help these agencies efficiently reach their marketing goals.
IT Companies: They offer IT-tech support including software development tasks and project management to IT firms.

What Services Provides

Ninja VA offers an array of services to assist businesses in their daily operations.

Administrative Assistance: Tasks like email management, appointment scheduling and so on.
Social Media Management: Highlights include strategic planning and daily management of social media platforms.
Customer Support Services: This involves responding to customer inquiries, complaints and maintaining customer satisfaction.
Technical Support: They provide round the clock IT support to handle technical glitches and system maintenance.


Ninja VA prides itself in offering high-quality services at competitive prices. While the cost varies depending on the complexity and duration of tasks, they have readily available packages for easy selection. They are transparent in their pricing, with no hidden costs.


Employing Ninja VA’s services comes with a myriad of benefits:

– High-quality service from experts in the field
– Notable time and cost savings
– Increased productivity and business efficiency
– Allows businesses to focus on core tasks


Despite the numerous benefits, one may still encounter a few drawbacks such as:

– Potential communication barriers due to time zone differences
– The delegation of tasks might require some initial time investment and training


Ultimately, Ninja VA’s array of offerings and commitment to client satisfaction make it an excellent choice for any business in need of reliable virtual assistance services.


Is Ninja VA suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely, Ninja VA offers packages tailored to suit the needs of different sizes of businesses, including small enterprises.

What is the work hour availability of Ninja VA?

Ninja VA provides 24/7 services ensuring round the clock availability to cater to different time zones.

Are there any long-term contracts?

While they do have contract-based services, Ninja VA also offers an option for a no-commitment, month-to-month service.