GetCallers Virtual Assistant Review 2024

Information about the Company

Established in 2008, GetCallers stands out as a modern and dependable cloud virtual assistant agency tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. Their team of inbound and outbound virtual assistant agency representatives is always on standby, eager to assist customers, streamline administrative tasks, and elevate your business operations.

One of GetCallers’ primary objectives is leveling the playing field for small and independent businesses. Through their services, they equip smaller brands with the resources to rival industry giants. In essence, startups and budding businesses can exude the same professionalism and instill the same confidence as their larger counterparts.

In catering to the needs of the more compact business landscape, GetCallers doesn’t hold back. They extend their expertise across a myriad of industries, offering live chat support, cold calling, inbound and outbound calling, and dedicated virtual assistance—all without breaking the bank. And with over 13 years in the game, they’ve fine-tuned their approach to ensure your venture scales gracefully, guaranteeing a splendid return on investment and a consistently superior customer experience..

What Areas They Work With

Real Estate: Connect effortlessly with leads, engage potential clients, and synchronize your calendar across platforms like Google, Outlook, and Calendly. If you’re a real estate mogul hungry for more sales and client interaction, their English-proficient callers have got you covered, especially for cold calls and appointment settings.

Insurance: As you aim to expand your clientele, you’ll undoubtedly witness improved lead conversions. By partnering with GetCallers, you not only gain access to skilled callers ready to interact with potential members but also streamline the often tedious process of data entry. Furthermore, an added advantage is their invaluable script and rebuttal assistance, ensuring your communication remains top-notch.

Finance: In an effort to enhance your business reach, consider boosting your outbound call rate without necessarily stretching your budget. As you embark on this journey, you’ll soon observe your client list flourishing, thanks in large part to their expert callers. Additionally, with the advantage of limitless lead uploads at your fingertips, you can further refine your strategy by cherry-picking leads that genuinely show interest and wish to engage with you.

Medical: Starting with the basics of setting appointments and moving on to sending timely reminders, their callers play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication with your patients. Moreover, this service comes with an added layer of personalization, granting you the freedom to handpick the voice that aligns perfectly with your brand’s ethos.

Mortgage: Taking a step towards authenticity, humanize your brand by letting your mortgage clients engage in conversations with a real person. In doing so, you’ll find that delegating tasks, especially those like data entry and appointment scheduling, to a virtual assistant can drastically transform your operations. Furthermore, when equipped with script support, your outbound calls not only become more streamlined but also result in noticeably heightened sales.

Credit: To make a lasting impact, impress your clientele with English-proficient callers. These callers not only excel in language proficiency but also prioritize courtesy and professionalism. Consequently, when it comes to discussions about credit cards, loans, and other related topics, you can be confident of a top-tier communication experience.

Solar Industries: In your quest to rejuvenate business connections, start by re-engaging potential leads while simultaneously sparking interest in new ones. Coupled with their specialized answering service tailored specifically for the solar energy sector, you’ll soon witness a significant uptick in both your appointment bookings and social media engagements.

Cleaning: Aiming to fortify your position in the market? Begin by bolstering your customer base with the luxury of unlimited lead uploads and the strategic advantage of accessing prospective lead lists. Subsequently, by harnessing the power of efficient appointment scheduling facilitated by their dedicated team, you can accelerate your cleaning service’s growth and reach new heights.

Home Maintenance: Seeking a transformative approach to your operations? Start by revolutionizing the way you manage calls and schedule appointments. Then, as you transition to strategies for acquiring fresh customers for your home solutions, ensure they consistently benefit from the personal touch of interacting with a live agent. In tandem with these efforts, GetCallers presents cost-effective plans designed to significantly amplify your business traction.

What are the Services They Provide

  1. Appointment Scheduling: To efficiently manage lead generation and appointment scheduling, turn to GetCallers.
  2. Appointment Setting: Moreover, you can boost your sales through GetCallers’ B2B and B2C booking expertise.
  3. Candidate Screening: Furthermore, GetCallers can help you fast-track your recruitment and onboarding processes.
  4. Cold Calling Services: In addition, you can drive business growth by utilizing GetCallers’ targeted outreach services.
  5. Customer Feedback: Additionally, gain valuable insights for your business growth with GetCallers’ feedback services.
  6. Customer Service: Additionally, offer round-the-clock support to your clients.
  7. Customer Retention: Furthermore, employ virtual assistants from GetCallers to retain clients.
  8. Survey Service: Moreover, obtain invaluable feedback efficiently.
  9. Data Collection: Additionally, ensure accurate and prompt data gathering.
  10. Digital Marketing: Furthermore, broaden your online reach and presence.
  11. Email Management: Additionally, organize and streamline email communication.
  12. Event Attendance: Moreover, boost turnout for your events.
  13. Event Followup: Furthermore, engage and convert leads after events.
  14. Facebook Leads: Additionally, amplify the results of your Facebook campaigns.
  15. Finance Industry: Moreover, specialized services to manage finance-related tasks.
  16. Fundraising: Furthermore, hit your targets with expert assistance.
  17. Inbound Calls: Additionally, ensure quality service and efficient call handling.
  18. Insurance Lead: Furthermore, expand your insurance clientele.
  19. Lead Generation: Moreover, connect seamlessly with top prospects.
  20. Lead Nurturing: Additionally, enhance sales and loyalty.
  21. Lead Qualification Services: Furthermore, boost your sales with superior lead qualification.
  22. Legal Leads: Additionally, engage and qualify potential clients for legal services.
  23. Market Research: Furthermore, gain deep insights to inform business decisions.
  24. Mystery Shopping: Additionally, get genuine feedback through covert customer calls.
  25. Payment Reminder: Furthermore, ensure timely payment recovery.
  26. Personal Life Assistant: Additionally, delegate personal tasks to streamline your day.
  27. Phone Surveys: Furthermore, extract insights through comprehensive surveys.
  28. Property Management: Additionally, streamline property-related tasks with expert virtual assistants.
  29. Real Estate Leads: Furthermore, efficiently connect with potential real estate clients.
  30. Real Estate VA: Additionally, ease real estate management with dedicated virtual assistants.
  31. Sales Outsourcing: Furthermore, boost sales outcomes with expert assistance.
  32. Social Media VA: Additionally, elevate your online brand presence.
  33. Stock Check: Additionally, efficiently manage and optimize stock inventory.
  34. Technology: Furthermore, avail top-notch tech support.
  35. Telemarketing: Moreover, engage in high-quality outreach campaigns.
  36. Upselling/Cross-Selling: Additionally, refine and enhance sales strategies.
  37. Virtual Administrative Assistant: Furthermore, delegating tasks becomes seamless.
  38. Virtual Assistant For Coaches: Moreover, let coaches focus on coaching while administrative tasks are handled.
  39. Virtual Assistant Writers: Additionally, enhance online presence with quality content.
  40. Data Entry Virtual Assistant: Moreover, delegate repetitive data entry tasks.
  41. Virtual Executive Assistants: Furthermore, streamline daily executive tasks.
  42. Virtual Marketing Assistant: Additionally, remote marketing made efficient.
  43. Virtual Office Assistants: Moreover, assure seamless office operations.
  44. Virtual Personal Assistant: Additionally, efficiently manage business essentials.
  45. Virtual Property Management Assistant: Furthermore, manage properties remotely and save time and effort.
  46. Virtual Sales Assistant: Additionally, offload sales tasks for greater efficiency.
  47. Virtual Sales Team: Moreover, employ a remote sales team for enhanced results.
  48. Virtual Scheduling Assistant: Furthermore, simplify the appointment scheduling process.
  49. Virtual Secretary Assistant: Additionally, boost overall productivity.
  50. Virtual Website Assistants: Moreover, manage and update your website with ease.
  51. Winback Campaign: Additionally, re-engage and win back potential clients with strategic campaigns.

With such a comprehensive list of services, GetCallers stands out as a one-stop solution for various business needs.


Service Hours/Week Price Per Hour (3+ agents) Price Per Hour (1 agent)
35 hours $5.75 $6.75
40 hours $5.00 $6.50
30 hours $5.95 $6.95

Features of GetCallers

Feature Details
Languages Supported English
Account Manager
Unlimited Lead Uploads
Live Transfers
Recordings Storage
Overtime Hours
Script & Rebuttal Support
Appointment Setting (Google/Outlook/Calendly)
Assistance with Lead Lists (other vendors)
Setup Cost $50 (one-time fee)
US & CA 1000 Minutes (click to dial system) $9.97/mo.
CRM with Automation & Reporting Portal $37/mo.
Inbound DID Numbers (optional) $15/quarter
Autodialer (optional) $50/mo.
Server for 30+ Autodial Agents (optional) $180/mo.
Autodialer Additional Minutes (optional) $50 VoIP prepayment at $0.015/min
TCPA Compliance DNC & Litigator Scrub (optional) $10 per 1000 records
Processing Fee 3.95%
International Dialing (excl. US and CA) Available at current per minute rates. (Please inquire for details.)


Fully Integrated: For enhanced connectivity and integration, it seamlessly syncs with thousands of lead sources and CRMs, all channeled through the reliable platform of Zapier.

Instant Calls: Immediately following the receipt of a lead, calls are initiated within seconds.

Professional Agents: Notably, the agents at GetCallers are not only fluent in English but also proficient in Spanish. This bilingual capability extends the reach and accessibility of their services, making them an attractive option for businesses catering to diverse language preferences.

Real-Time Dashboard: In addition, GetCallers provides comprehensive custom reports for monitoring. These reports offer valuable insights into campaign performance and customer interactions. Furthermore, they empower businesses with the data needed to make informed decisions and refine their strategies for optimal results. This monitoring capability is an integral part of GetCallers’ commitment to transparency and client success.


Language Limitation: On one hand, the service exclusively supports English. However, this could pose a challenge for businesses catering to multilingual audience.

Setup Costs: Considering the financial aspect, there’s a one-time setup fee of $50. This cost, while seemingly modest, might pose as a deterrent for startups or businesses operating on a shoestring budget.

Additional Costs: Diving deeper into the financial framework, it’s noteworthy that several features carry additional monthly or quarterly charges. Features like the Autodialer, CRM, Inbound DID Numbers, among others, fall into this category. Consequently, for businesses that rely on an array of these services, the expenses can accumulate rapidly, demanding careful budgetary considerations.

Optional Features Not Included: Services like the Autodialer, Server for Autodial Agents, and TCPA Compliance come as optional and are not part of the standard package, leading to potential hidden costs.

Processing Fee: A 3.95% processing fee can be significant for companies with large transaction volumes.

International Dialing Costs: Additionally, rates for international dialing (excluding US and CA) are not bundled in and need to be sought out individually, introducing an extra dimension of potential expenses for businesses with a global footprint.

Complexity of Multiple Offerings: Given the variety of optional services and distinct pricing structures, it can be somewhat perplexing for certain customers to precisely ascertain the costs and benefits associated with the services they opt for.


In the rapidly changing business environment of 2023, GetCallers unmistakably emerges as a pivotal ally, particularly for SMEs aiming for growth and efficiency. Firstly, it primarily caters to English-speaking audiences, ensuring smooth communication and premium service quality. Moreover, while the initial setup fee exists, on the other hand, the vast array of benefits, from limitless lead uploads to comprehensive support, more than justify the cost.

Beyond mere virtual assistance, GetCallers offers tools essential for thriving in today’s competitive arena. The company’s holistic approach to business support, from integrating with top platforms for appointments to aiding in procuring third-party lead lists, underlines its commitment to client success.

Ultimately, the myriad of offerings by GetCallers, combined with its staunch commitment to excellence, cements its place as the preferred partner for businesses aiming for distinction in 2023.


How fast do you call my contacts?

To provide timely responses, GetCallers prioritizes reaching out to leads. In fact, they usually connect within just a few minutes during regular business hours. This quick turnaround ensures that potential clients or customers feel valued and attended to promptly.

Will GetCallers work with my lead sources?

Undoubtedly, in the vast majority of cases, the answer is yes. Notably, GetCallers has developed robust integration capabilities, allowing it to seamlessly connect with a wide array of lead sources. Thus, it’s highly likely that they’ll be compatible with the platforms and sources you currently use.

What distinguishes GetCallers from other similar service providers?

One of the standout features of GetCallers is the dedicated environment they offer. Unlike many of their competitors, GetCallers ensures that their agents operate in a focused setting. This approach ensures that each campaign receives the attention it deserves, optimizing results.

Is GetCallers automated, or will there be a real individual interacting with leads?

In today’s world of automated responses, it’s refreshing to note that GetCallers prioritizes genuine human interactions. Contrary to what some might expect, they rely solely on human operations. This means that when leads interact with GetCallers, they’re speaking to real, empathetic individuals, not machines.

Is there a distinct pricing structure for virtual assistants?

Surprisingly, no. GetCallers employs a consistent pricing model across their services spectrum. Whether one seeks appointment setters, cold callers, or virtual assistants, the pricing remains competitive and can be as affordable as $5/hour per agent for certain bulk engagements.