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Emapta Virtual Assistant: A Comprehensive Review for 2024

Information about the Company

In the 2010s, Tim Vorbach, an astute Australian entrepreneur, recognized a trend that many businesses were adopting: outsourcing. Like others, he turned to the Philippines to outsource his call centre operations. But Tim’s vision didn’t stop at mere voice work. He perceived the Philippines as a reservoir of diverse talents across various business services. This insight led to the inception of Emapta, a venture not just to outsource but to provide a competitive edge to businesses globally through Philippine talent.

Emapta isn’t merely an outsourcing platform; it’s a catalyst for business growth. Its foundation lies in the principle that the outsourced talent should feel and operate like an integral part of a client’s in-house team. This focus on cohesive integration is Emapta’s distinguishing factor. Businesses collaborating with Emapta don’t just gain additional workforce; they gain partners genuinely vested in their success.

At the heart of Emapta’s core values: Staff Welfare and Growth and Talent Retention.

Emapta’s steadfast dedication to these principles, combined with its innovative outsourcing approach, has fostered strong alliances with businesses across the spectrum, from nascent startups to industry stalwarts. Emapta has emerged as a paragon of operational finesse, profitability, and purposeful employment. Beyond augmenting the growth of its global clientele, Emapta has been a gateway to opportunities for numerous skilled Filipinos, enabling them to shine on a global stage and climb their career ladders.

What Areas They Work With

Accounting & Finance: Provides top-notch financial professionals and aids businesses in driving growth with insightful financial strategies.

Construction & Engineering: Helps businesses tap into larger, more lucrative construction projects by offering expert engineering outsourcing.

Education: Assists institutions in leveraging the advantages of information and communications technology (ICT) for infrastructure transformation.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical: Offers comprehensive healthcare process outsourcing, catering to both clinical and non-core functions.

Hospitality & Tourism: Favored by many in the travel and hospitality industry, Emapta offers extensive tourism outsourcing, tapping into the Philippines’ vast talent reservoir.

Human Resources & Recruitment: Comprehensive HR services, spanning recruitment, training, payroll, and compliance.

Insurance: Expertise in back-office insurance functions including claims processing, policy management, and financial reporting.

IT Outsourcing: Emapta enables businesses to access and build their own IT teams through well-established BPO partnerships.

Legal Process: Helps legal practices scale by providing access to more lawyers, paralegals, researchers, and support staff.

Logistics Process: Addresses several operational needs of logistics businesses, enhancing their transport and logistics capacity.

Mortgage Processing: Collaborate with a dedicated team experienced in processing significant loan volumes, ensuring data privacy and security.

Professional Services: Outsourcing these services lets firms enjoy labor cost savings, access to diverse skills, and enhanced domain expertise.

Real Estate: Augment real estate service capabilities, from high-volume tasks to niche services like photo enhancement.

Retail: Emapta recommends transferring retail operations like customer support, digital services, and supply chain management to skilled professionals in cost-effective regions.

Sales & Marketing: Emapta boasts offshore teams proficient in a myriad of sales and marketing tools, from Google Analytics to Salesforce.

Wholesale Trading: Outsourcing in this domain provides access to the latest technology and a vast talent pool, leading to reduced expenses and elevated operational capabilities.

What are the Services They Provide

Accounting & Finance: From CPAs to financial analysts, Emapta seems to have an extensive roster of finance professionals.

Construction & Engineering: Services range from civil engineering to CAD design and architectural services.

Education: This entails digital transformation services for the education sector, from online tutors to cybersecurity specialists.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical: They provide a myriad of services including pharmaceutical R&D, clinical trials, and patient care.

Hospitality & Tourism: This covers roles in the travel and hospitality sectors, from travel agents to hotel managers.

Human Resources & Recruitment: Emapta assists companies in managing their human resources from recruitment to employee well-being.

Insurance Outsourcing: Their services in this sector range from claims processing to actuarial services and insurance accounting.

IT Outsourcing: They seem to have a broad array of IT services, from NOC operations to software and web development, as well as IT security.

Legal Process Outsourcing: This involves support for legal practices, from lawyers to legal transcriptionists and other support roles.

Logistics Process Outsourcing: This focuses on the logistics and supply chain management sector, with roles ranging from logistics officers to warehouse supervisors.

Mortgage Processing: They offer services to assist firms in mortgage processing, compliance, and auditing.

Professional Services Outsourcing: Emapta provides a range of professional services from business analysts to IT specialists.

Real Estate Outsourcing: From real estate virtual assistants to property managers and leasing consultants, they cover various roles in the real estate sector.

Retail Outsourcing: This involves support for retail operations, from digital marketing to supply chain management.

Sales & Marketing Outsourcing: Their team covers various sales and marketing platforms, offering roles from digital marketing specialists to sales representatives.

Wholesale Trading Outsourcing: This pertains to transferring wholesale trading business activities, including roles from general management to trade marketing.


Loan Processor: $8 – $13 per hour

Executive Assistant: $7 – $12 per hour

Virtual Assistant: $8 – $12 per hour

Customer Service Representative: $7 – $10 per hour

Bookkeeper: $6 – $12 per hour

Certified Public Accountant: $8 – $15 per hour

.NET Developer: $9 – $25 per hour

Data Entry Specialist: $7 – $12 per hour

SEO Specialist: $8 – $15 per hour

Data Analyst: $8 – $16 per hour

Graphic Designer: $7 – $17 per hour

Recruitment Specialist: $7 – $12 per hour


Dedicated Private Offices: Customize private offices with your branding, logos, and essential systems to reflect your company’s ambiance.

Brand Your Own Space: Maintain your company’s core values, culture, and brand identity consistently within our facility, emphasizing our “Your Team. Your Way” principle.

Synchronized Timezones: Align your team’s schedule with yours, allowing synchronous collaboration.

Inclusive Training: We collaborate with you to offer comprehensive training, ensuring your staff fully integrates with your company’s culture.

Tailored Recruitment: We prioritize hiring candidates who resonate with your values, ensuring seamless operational and cultural alignment.


Cultural Differences: There can sometimes be cultural misalignment or misunderstandings between offshore teams and the main office.

Quality Concerns: Some clients may be concerned about the quality of work or the expertise level of outsourced staff, especially without direct oversight.

Data Security: Handling sensitive company data across borders might raise concerns regarding data protection and confidentiality.

Integration Challenges: It might be challenging to integrate the outsourced team’s operations and culture with the company’s existing infrastructure and ethos.

Potential for Increased Costs: While outsourcing can be cost-effective, there are situations where unforeseen costs related to training, integration, or other factors might arise.

Dependency: Relying heavily on an outsourcing partner can sometimes create a dependency, making it difficult for the company to function independently or change vendors..


Emapta emerges as a cutting-edge solution for businesses looking to harness the benefits of outsourcing. By offering dedicated private offices and allowing businesses to brand their space, they ensure that a company’s unique identity and culture are maintained. Their flexibility in aligning teams to client timezones highlights their commitment to seamless integration.

Moreover, their dedication to training and their personalized recruitment approach attest to their commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Emapta’s emphasis on preserving a company’s operational and cultural DNA, while leveraging the advantages of a global workforce, positions them as a strategic partner for growth in today’s competitive landscape.


Is there a need for any initial payments or deposits?

There aren’t any initial fees in our outsourcing rates. Only after approving your offshore personnel will you be billed. While we have setup and recruitment fees for hiring your new team member, they are one-time charges. From that point forward, the monthly costs are based on the employee’s salary (with no additional markup) and our monthly service fee. Plus, if you opt to handle the monthly benefits and insurances for the staff, there’s no need for a security deposit or upfront charges.

How can I be sure that my business data remains confidential and secure?

Emapta strictly follows the Data Privacy Act of 2012, Republic Act No. 10173, ensuring the safeguarding of personal data across communication and information systems in both public and private domains. We emphasize the principles of transparency, proportionality, and a legitimate purpose in all our data processing activities. We have taken the necessary measures to protect personal data against unintended destruction, modification, disclosure, or any unlawful activities. You can learn more by visiting our Maximum Security page or contacting us directly for a detailed discussion on your security needs.

What’s your strategy for attracting and keeping employees?

Our commitment to our staff’s welfare is evident in the health benefits and paid leaves we provide, ensuring they and their families are well taken care of. By offering ongoing learning opportunities and various engagement activities, we not only nurture their professional growth but also strengthen their bond with the EMAPTA community. We believe in equipping our clients with the necessary tools to foster a strong relationship with the employees. For us, ensuring the satisfaction and retention of top-notch talent is a collaborative effort involving both our clients and us.

What’s the usual duration to establish an offshore team? Or how quickly can we initiate the process?

Typically, from the moment we begin sourcing to the onboarding phase, it can range between 3 to 6 weeks. Since most of the talent we target for recruitment are employed elsewhere, they often have to serve a notice period that can last up to 30 days. However, if you’re in a rush, we’ll prioritize finding individuals who can join more swiftly.

How does the pricing model of Emapta compare with other competitors in the outsourcing industry?

Our pricing model stands out for its clarity. The salaries of the staff are directly passed on to our clients without any markup. We also factor in costs like the 13th-month pay and redundancy coverage to prevent clients from facing unexpected large expenses at year-end or during redundancies. Every charge, whether it’s our Service Fees or One-Time Fees, is itemized to ensure our clients know precisely what they’re being billed for.

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