Back Office Betties Review

Information about the company

Back Office Betties is a United States-based company, specializing in providing virtual receptionist services primarily to law firms. Founded by Emily LaRusch in 2014, the company has made an impressive mark in the niche of legal virtual assistance. They are revered for their customer service-centric approach and detail-oriented services which truly reflect their commitment to taking administrative tasks off their client’s plate.

What areas they work with

While Back Office Betties is primarily focused on law firms, they embrace clients from different legal specializations. This includes:

  1. Family Law: They handle calls and appointments for attorneys dealing with divorce, custody disputes, and similar fields.
  2. Criminal Law: The team assists defense lawyers with their back-office tasks, scheduling, and more.
  3. Property Law: Back Office Betties also collaborates with property lawyers managing cases related to real estate and property ownership.

What services provides

The company provides a range of legal virtual assistant services such as:

  1. Virtual Receptionist: They professionally answer phone calls, book appointments, screen potential clients, conduct follow-ups, and take messages for their clients.
  2. Legal Intake: Back Office Betties can help in the first stage of the client-attorney relationship by completing comprehensive legal intakes.
  3. Customized Call Experience: They provide customized call answering services to reflect your law firm’s image and brand.


Back Office Betties offers three pricing tiers including Starter, Classic and Ultimate levels ranging from $169 to $569 per month. Each plan comes with different levels of minutes per month and varies in other extras.


  • Specialized receptionists experienced in legal jargon and procedures.
  • Excellent customer service with the ability to handle difficult clients and situations.
  • Flexible and scalable plans to meet the needs of growing law firms.
  • Free trial period to test their services before committing.


  • Back Office Betties may be expensive for smaller law firms or those just starting out.
  • There may be additional costs once your allotted minutes in your chosen plan are used up.


Overall, Back Office Betties occupies a unique niche in the virtual assistant industry. They’ve tailored their services for law firms, thereby offering specialized assistance. Despite it being a bit pricey, their exceptional service, and the knowledge they bring to the table makes them a worthy investment for growing law practices.


What are the operation hours of Back Office Betties?

The Back Office Betties team operates Monday through Friday, 5 am to 6 pm MST.

Is there a long-term contract involved?

No, Back Office Betties works on a month-to-month agreement. There is no contract to sign and you can cancel anytime.