Athena Virtual Assistant: A Comprehensive Review for 2024

Information about the Company

Athena’s mission revolves around fostering a symbiotic relationship between you and your remote Executive Assistant. By partnering with Athena, you gain a dedicated Executive Assistant whose primary aim is to elevate your potential. In return, these Executive Assistants enjoy incredible career opportunities that might remain elusive in their local settings. Athena sees its Executive Assistants as catalysts for profound change, extending their influence beyond mundane tasks to have a resounding impact on a client’s personal and professional life.

Transitioning to the recruitment process, Athena meticulously selects and trains the world’s top Executive Assistants. From the vast applicant pool, only the top 1% make the cut. Each prospective Executive Assistant undergoes comprehensive background and reference checks. Moreover, with continuous training, Athena ensures their Executive Assistants are always at the peak of their skills. Each Executive Assistant benefits from a personal coach and a robust peer network, enabling them to navigate challenges effectively. Above all, Athena ensures these Executive Assistants receive fair compensation, benefits, and more.

What Areas They Work With

Specifically, Athena specializes in the realm of executive assistance.

What are the Services They Provide

Foundations: Includes Calendar Management, Inbox Management, and Travel Management.

Essentials: Covers Quick Communications, Research, Expenses, Financial Management, Goals Management, Household Management, Investment Tracking, Online Brand Management, and Personal Shopping.

Career: Focuses on Database Management, Event Management, Meeting Support, Networking, Project Management, and Recruitment Support.

Lifestyle: Encompasses Dining In, Dining Out, and Events.

Health: Offers Diet Support, Fitness Management, and Healthcare Management.

Fulfillment: Revolves around Reading and Listening Management.

Relationships: Deals with Occasion Calendars and Quality Time Prioritization.


Delving into the pricing, for a flat fee of $3,000 per month, your Executive Assistant dedicates over 40 hours a week, translating to 170+ hours monthly. This package encompasses both the Executive Assistant’s training and continuous education.


Supportive Community: An established network for Executive Assistants.

Health Insurance: Comprehensive medical coverage.

Competitive Pricing & Incentives: Cost-effective with added bonuses.

Annual Salary Adjustments: Counteracting inflation.

Continual Training: Regular upskilling of Executive Assistants.

Health Benefits: Extends to Executive Assistant’s families.

Pet Benefits: Catering to pet-related needs.

COVID-19 Vaccinations: Ensuring safety and health.

Mental Health Support: A dedicated focus on mental well-being.


Exclusive Partnerships: Athena only offers one-to-one partnerships.

Higher Price Point: Might be out of reach for some potential clients.

Potential Wait Time: Immediate assistance is not always guaranteed.


In conclusion, Athena’s Executive Assistant service is redefining the boundaries of executive assistance. Their thorough selection process and an array of services promise a tailor-made experience for every client. The extensive benefits highlight Athena’s commitment to both the client and the Executive Assistant. Although the exclusive partnership model and pricing may not cater to everyone, those ready for the investment will likely find Athena’s offerings unparalleled. Looking ahead, Athena positions itself as a leading force in the 2023 virtual assistant industry.


What sets Athena apart from other virtual assistants or traditional staffing companies?

Athena stands apart primarily due to its unique mission. Instead of merely offering remote assistance, Athena cultivates symbiotic one-to-one partnerships between clients and their dedicated Executive Assistants. This not only fosters the achievement of clients’ goals but also presents unparalleled career opportunities for the Executive Assistants. What truly sets Athena apart is this commitment to fostering relationships that elevate both parties. While many staffing companies provide intermittent task-oriented assistants, Athena ensures a dedicated Executive Assistant who integrates seamlessly into your professional and personal landscape.

How does Athena select its Executive Assistants?

Athena’s recruitment process is rigorous and highly competitive. Attracting a significant daily influx of applications, Athena selects only the cream of the crop – the top 1%. Each candidate goes through meticulous screening which evaluates both their soft skills and their potential to excel. But selection is only the beginning. Once shortlisted, the potential Executive Assistants undergo a series of evaluations, including personality, cognitive, and English proficiency tests. To ensure they’re ready for real-world tasks, they experience intensive training, especially in key areas like calendar, travel, and inbox management.

What’s the typical timeline for collaborating with an Executive Assistant?

Embarking on a journey with Athena might require a touch of patience. As soon as you express interest, you’re added to a waitlist. The duration on this list varies, ranging from a few days to several weeks, contingent on factors like current demand, Executive Assistant availability, and your preferred start date. After you’ve crossed this initial wait, there’s a subsequent period, typically lasting between two to four weeks, that covers the formalities – from contract signing to completing the onboarding process. Once these steps conclude, you’re fully equipped to begin your partnership with your dedicated Executive Assistant.

What are the charges for urgent tasks during weekends?

Absolutely not. Athena’s unique selling point is its unwavering commitment to exclusivity. Every Executive Assistant is paired with a single client, ensuring undivided attention and focus. This one-to-one model not only guarantees that your tasks receive priority, but it also fosters a deeper understanding between you and your Executive Assistant. Over time, this exclusive partnership morphs into a seamless collaboration, with your Executive Assistant anticipating needs, preempting challenges, and continuously aligning with your evolving objectives.

How does Athena guarantee security, privacy, and discretion?

Athena prioritizes these elements, with dedicated oversight from a Chief Information Security Officer. Every Executive Assistant undergoes exhaustive checks and continuous privacy training, ensuring alignment with the highest security standards. Annual security awareness training is also mandatory for all. Further information on Athena’s security can be accessed through their dedicated portal.