TaskBullet Virtual Assistant Review 2024

Information about the Company

Founded by Danny Nappi, TaskBullet emerged from a genuine connection to the Philippines. At 19, Nappi journeyed to the archipelago, immersing himself in its rich culture and community. He observed a stark disparity: a large pool of well-educated, English-proficient Filipinos with limited opportunities to showcase their capabilities. This insight led to the birth of TaskBullet, a company that doesn’t just provide top-notch virtual assistant services but also plays a pivotal role in social responsibility. By creating rewarding job opportunities, paying above the industry standard, and fostering continuous learning through industry certification opportunities, TaskBullet champions both efficiency in service and positive societal impact. This dual commitment sets them apart in the virtual assistance industry.

What Areas They Work With

Customer Service: Dedicated to superior client interaction.

Real Estate: Comprehensive real estate task management.

Admin Support: Ensuring seamless day-to-day business functions.

Data Entry: Detailed and reliable data management.

What are the Services They Provide

Data Entry Virtual Assistant: Ensuring meticulous data input and management.

Virtual Administrative Assistants: A holistic approach to administrative support from emails to HR operations.

Virtual Real Estate Assistants: Covering every facet of real estate tasks.

Social Media Virtual Assistant: Enhancing and managing your online brand presence.

Virtual Assistant Phone Answering Service: Customized call handling for a professional touch.

Marketing Virtual Assistants: Crafting and executing effective marketing strategies.

Virtual Sales Assistant: Strengthening and streamlining sales operations.

Virtual Internet Research Specialist: Curating relevant, actionable business insights through comprehensive research.


TaskBullet Virtual Assistant Pricing for Philippines

Bucket Type Rate Total Cost Duration
Mini Bucket Free Trial 10 hours Valid for 3 months
Starter Bucket $11/hour $220.00 (20 hours) Valid for 3 months
Light Bucket $9/hour $540.00 (60 hours) Valid for 3 months
Expert Bucket $6.50/hour $1560.00 (240 hours) Valid for 3 months

TaskBullet Virtual Assistant Pricing for USA

Bucket Type Rate Total Cost Duration
Starter Bucket $30/hour $300.00 (10 hours) Valid for 3 months
Light Bucket $26/hour $780.00 (30 hours) Valid for 3 months
Expert Bucket $25/hour $1500.00 (60 hours) Valid for 3 months


Straightforward Pricing: Clear and upfront costs.

Uncompromised Flexibility: Freedom to choose with no locked-in contracts.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: A reassuring 60-day Money Back Guarantee on unused hours.


Dependence on Internet Connection: Stable internet is crucial; potential work disruptions in areas with frequent outages.

Data Security Concerns: Risks arise when sharing sensitive data remotely, even with trustworthy Virtual Assistants, if security protocols aren’t robust.

Bucket System Confusion: The unique “bucket system” might be confusing or less flexible than traditional payment structures.

Commitment to Hours: Hours purchased via the bucket system must be used within 3 months, which might not suit all businesses.

Quality Variance: As with many services, Virtual Assistant quality can differ; some may need more guidance than others.


In today’s digital workspace landscape, TaskBullet shines as a premier choice for dedicated virtual assistant services. With deep ethical roots, the company seamlessly connects global businesses to the Philippines’ talented professionals, offering unrivaled administrative support.

TaskBullet’s strength lies in its dual commitment: to clients and employees. By offering competitive salaries and fostering professional growth with industry certifications, they’ve curated a highly motivated and skilled team. This balance between employee well-being and client needs fosters a work environment marked by meticulousness, dedication, and genuine care.

Their innovative ‘Bucket System’ introduces a clear and adaptable pricing model, freeing businesses from restrictive contract terms.

To conclude, TaskBullet represents more than just a Virtual Assistant service. It epitomizes how businesses flourish when client achievements and employee development go hand in hand. For those in search of a blend of expertise, efficiency, and genuine commitment, TaskBullet is a standout in the dynamic realm of virtual assistance.


Is there a trial period or money back guarantee?

No trial period is offered. However, there’s a 60-day Money Back Guarantee on UNUSED hours. If you don’t assign tasks, you can get a full refund. Partial hours used will be deducted from the refund.

How does your Bucket System work for purchasing a Virtual Assistant?

Buy hours in a ‘bucket’ and as your Virtual Assistant works, hours are deducted. Hours are valid for 3 months. No contracts; repurchase or switch plans as needed.

What is the quality of work I can expect to get back from my Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are experienced and tasks undergo quality checks. Initial guidance may be needed for best alignment with your expectations.

Can my Virtual Assistant make outbound calls?

Yes. Virtual Assistants excel in appointment setting. Some have sales experience, but high-pressure sales may not be our forte.