Specialty Answering Service Review

Information about the Company

Specialty Answering Service (SAS) stands as a reputable player in the realm of virtual assistant services, boasting a rich history of providing tailored solutions since [Year of Establishment]. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident through its user-friendly website and transparent communication channels.

Navigating the SAS website reveals a comprehensive overview of the company’s mission, values, and the diverse range of services it offers. With a customer-centric approach, SAS positions itself as a reliable partner for businesses seeking virtual assistant support.

What Areas They Work With

SAS demonstrates versatility by catering its virtual assistant services to a wide array of industries. The company’s expertise extends to:

  • Medical and Healthcare: Streamlining appointment scheduling, handling patient inquiries, and managing medical documentation.
  • Legal Services: Providing administrative support for legal professionals, including call handling and appointment scheduling.
  • E-commerce: Managing customer inquiries, processing orders, and providing live chat support for online retailers.
  • Real Estate: Assisting in property management, coordinating client communications, and managing appointments.

SAS’s strategic industry focus positions it as a valuable resource for businesses with unique operational needs.

What Services They Provide

  1. Live Answering Services:
    • 24/7 live call answering by trained professionals.
    • Call screening and forwarding based on client preferences.
  2. Appointment Scheduling:
    • Efficient scheduling and rescheduling of appointments.
    • Integration with client calendars for seamless coordination.
  3. Order Processing:
    • Handling and processing of customer orders for e-commerce businesses.
    • Order status updates and customer support.
  4. Message Taking and Dispatch:
    • Recording and relaying messages promptly.
    • Dispatching urgent messages to the appropriate contacts.

SAS’s service offerings are designed to cover a spectrum of needs, ensuring businesses receive comprehensive virtual assistant support.


Specialty Answering Service adopts a customized pricing model, tailored to the unique requirements of each client. As pricing may vary based on factors such as call volume, services selected, and additional features, interested businesses are encouraged to reach out to the SAS sales team for a personalized quote.

Note: Transparency in pricing is vital, and clients are advised to seek a detailed breakdown of costs relevant to their specific needs.


  1. Professional Live Answering:
    • 24/7 availability ensures no missed calls, fostering enhanced customer satisfaction.
    • Trained professionals provide a personalized and professional touch.
  2. Customizable Services:
    • Tailored packages allow businesses to choose services that align with their specific needs.
    • Flexibility in scaling services based on fluctuating requirements.
  3. Appointment Management:
    • Efficient scheduling and management of appointments contribute to streamlined operations.
    • Integration with client calendars enhances coordination.
  4. Order Processing Expertise:
    • Accurate and timely processing of customer orders for e-commerce businesses.
    • Dedicated support for order-related inquiries.


  1. Customization Complexity:
    • The abundance of customization options may be overwhelming for some clients.
    • Businesses may require assistance in selecting the most suitable services.
  2. Limited Public Pricing Information:
    • The absence of publicly available pricing information may hinder quick decision-making.
    • Potential clients need to engage directly with the sales team for detailed cost breakdowns.


In conclusion, Specialty Answering Service emerges as a robust option for businesses seeking reliable virtual assistant services. The company’s commitment to customization, professionalism, and industry-specific expertise positions it as a valuable partner in enhancing operational efficiency.

While the customization options may pose a challenge for some, the benefits offered by SAS make it a compelling choice for businesses with unique needs.


What industries does SAS primarily serve?

SAS caters to a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, legal services, e-commerce, and real estate.

Can I customize the virtual assistant services based on my business requirements?

Yes, SAS offers customizable packages, allowing businesses to tailor services according to their specific needs.

How is SAS pricing structured?

SAS adopts a customized pricing model, and businesses are encouraged to contact the sales team for a personalized quote.

What are the main benefits of SAS’s live answering services?

SAS provides 24/7 professional live answering, ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction and personalized support.

Is public pricing information available for SAS services?

No, SAS does not publicly disclose pricing information. For detailed cost breakdowns, clients should engage directly with the sales team.