Smith.AI Virtual Assistant Review 2024

Information about the Company

Smith.AI was founded on a clear vision: to support business owners in their quest for success. The team behind Smith.AI boasts leadership experience from some of the most recognizable companies that cater to small and medium businesses. Notable mentions include Google, Intuit, Upwork, Home Depot, and several others.

Unlike many other service providers, Smith. AI’s strength lies in its technological prowess. Their technology is developed in-house, meticulously crafted based on direct feedback and requests from their customers. This in-house approach offers a unique advantage. When a customer needs something, Smith.AI has the capacity and flexibility to make it happen, thanks to their dedicated engineering teams. Over the years, Smith.AI has spent tens of thousands of hours in collaboration with various businesses like law firms, IT consultancies, and marketing agencies. This hands-on experience has given the team profound insights into the nuanced requirements of these businesses, ensuring they offer tailored solutions that truly make an impact.

What Areas They Work With

Industries: From automotive to veterinary services, they cater to a broad spectrum of industries, ensuring specialized attention and knowledge for each.

Businesses: Smith.AI has solutions for all – be it a budding solo business, a small enterprise, or even a large-scale franchise.

What are the Services They Provide

Top-tier customer engagement: Smith.AI takes a 360-degree approach, from 24/7 phone answering and website chat to lead screening and warm phone transfers, ensuring no customer touchpoint is left untouched.

Virtual Receptionist services: These services focus on human touch and personalization. With 24/7 live receptionists, worldwide service, call notifications, and a plethora of other features, Smith.AI ensure every caller feels acknowledged and catered to.

Outreach Campaign services: With the mission of expanding business reach, Smith.AI offers outbound calling campaigns complete with customizable setups, multi-channel engagement, and high-quality call summaries.

Live Chat services: Offering a seamless blend of human and AI interaction, this service ensures real-time customer engagement, providing instant answers and facilitating conversions.

Phone services: From using existing numbers to offering dedicated lines and integrating with popular VoIP services, Smith.AI ensures a holistic communication ecosystem.

Integrations & analytics: With a broad array of integrations, Smith.AI ensures seamless flow between their services and other systems, including CRMs, payment gateways, and e-commerce platforms.

Spam block & call services: Smith.AI ensures peace of mind by blocking pesky spam and robocalls, allowing businesses to focus on what truly matters.

Summaries & notifications: Real-time insights are provided through daily summaries, integrations with platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and departmental sorting.

Call recording & transcription: Smith.AI offer opt-in call recording, ensuring every interaction is captured, transcribed, and stored with utmost privacy.

Voicemail services: Voicemail capabilities range from direct MMS and email notifications to unlimited voicemails and professional voiceover options.


Virtual Receptionist Pricing Table

Package Calls Included Price/Month Free Transfer Destinations Overage Price/Conversation
Starter 30 calls $255 1 $9.50 after 30
Basic 90 calls $675 2 $8.50 after 90
Pro 180 calls $1,170 5 $7.50 after 180
Enterprise Custom Inquire Custom Adjusted based on needs

Features Included in All Packages:

  • Lead screening, qualification & intake
  • Live-staffed with expert agents 24/7
  • Rich business insights in your dashboard
  • No setup fees
  • No overseas agents
  • No hidden fees
  • No charge for spam

Outreach Campaigns Pricing Table

Package Price/Month Minimum Contacts Price/Contact Setup Fee
Starter $2,400 200 $12 $750
Basic $4,500 400 $11.25 $750
Pro $8,000 800 $10 $750
Enterprise Custom

Features Included in All Packages:

  • 24/7 North America-based agents with bilingual options.
  • Reliable outreach schedule based on your custom cadence.
  • 5 calls per contact, with multi‑channel engagement options.
  • Hands-on account managers with quality assurance.
  • AI-driven workflows for accurate outbound calling at scale.
  • Real-time campaign tracking in your online dashboard.
  • No overseas agents.
  • No hourly rates.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No annual contracts.

Web Chat Pricing Table

Package Price Included Chats Custom Programming Hours Free Integration Price After Inclusion
À la carte $10/chat 2 hours 1 $10
Starter $140 per month 20 live chats 2 hours 1 $7/chat after 20
Basic $300 per month 50 live chats 5 hours 1 $6/chat after 50
Pro $600 per month 120 live chats 10 hours 1 $5/chat after 120

Features Included in All Packages:

  • Live agents 24/7
  • Web chats + texts
  • Unlimited AI-powered Q&A
  • Pay only for relevant chats
  • Chat transcripts
  • Custom branding & colors
  • Personalized greetings
  • Mobile-friendly widget
  • Proactive chat
  • AI-enhanced playbooks
  • Spanish-English translation
  • Online client dashboard
  • Chat insights & data
  • Sync to Google Analytics
  • Lead qualification & intake
  • Easy-to-install
  • No setup fees
  • No annual contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • No charge for spam


Enhanced Customer Experience: 24/7 availability and Bilingual services cater to a broader audience.

Increased Efficiency: Automated and human-assisted services work seamlessly together, reducing time spends on routine tasks.

Optimized Lead Management: Qualified leads, increasing conversion rates and CRM integration.

Reduced Overhead Costs: Outsourced receptionist and customer service roles can lead to significant savings compared to hiring full-time staff.

Scalability: Flexible service options to adapt to changing needs and to accommodate businesses of all sizes ensuring business growth.

Increased Sales: 24/7 outreach campaigns that can generate leads around the clock.

Improved Workflows: With services like appointment booking and call disposition, daily operations become streamlined.

Global Presence: International transfers and worldwide service help businesses establish a global footprint.

Comprehensive Communication Channels: From phone calls to live chats to SMS, reach and engage with customers on multiple platforms.

Customization: Services can be tailored to fit unique business requirements while maintaining brand consistency across all interactions.


External Service Dependency: Outsourcing risks disruptions if services change.

Data Privacy Issues: Using third-party services may raise data security concerns.

Cost Concerns: Smith.AI’s services might be pricey for small businesses compared to in-house solutions.

Integration Hurdles: Merging Smith.AI with existing systems can pose challenges, especially with older infrastructures.

Customization Limits: Service tailoring might have constraints.

AI Response Concerns: AI-generated replies may lack human authenticity.

AI Over-reliance: AI screening can occasionally misclassify genuine concerns.

Cultural Nuances: While bilingual, Smith.AI might face challenges beyond English and Spanish or North American cultural contexts.


Smith.AI offers a comprehensive suite of services that empowers businesses to enhance their customer engagement, streamline operations, and tap into the power of both human expertise and AI efficiency. From 24/7 customer support to advanced CRM integrations, Smith.AI understands the evolving needs of modern businesses. While no solution is without its potential drawbacks, the expansive range of features, combined with dedication to quality and customization, positions Smith.AI as a leading choice for businesses seeking to elevate their customer service experience. Embracing such a platform can be a game-changing decision, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations while entrusting customer interactions to seasoned professionals backed by cutting-edge technology.


Do I get charged for spam calls or wrong numbers?

Absolutely not. We understand how frustrating unwanted calls can be. As long as the phone lines you route to us have Caller ID functionality, you will not bear any charges for spam or unsolicited sales calls. Our priority is to provide you value for genuine interactions.

What if 24/7 answering isn’t my requirement? Can you customize your hours?

Indeed! Smith.AI is all about flexibility. Even though we have agents available around the clock, we can tailor our services to fit your specific needs. You can choose to utilize our services during peak times, after-hours, weekends, or even on a seasonal basis. Whatever your preference, we are here to adapt. Furthermore, regardless of the time of the day, our pricing remains consistent, ensuring transparency and ease of budgeting.

I manage multiple projects. Can I run more than one outreach campaign concurrently?

Absolutely. Smith.AI is equipped to handle multiple campaigns for you simultaneously. Each campaign can be uniquely crafted with its set of instructions, target audience, messaging tone, call cadence, and contact list. Our user-friendly dashboard will provide you with an organized view of all your active campaigns, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Do I need to commit long-term for an outreach campaign?

While we believe in building lasting partnerships, we’ve kept our terms flexible for your convenience. We do ask for an initial three-month commitment to ensure consistency in results. Following this period, our billing system transitions to a more flexible month-to-month basis. Should you decide to part ways (though we’d hate to see you go!), you’d only be billed up to the end of the ongoing monthly cycle.

How do you handle text-based interactions?

We recognize the evolving nature of communication. Many potential clients might prefer texting or may discover your services through platforms that support text interactions, such as Google. To cater to this, our agents are equipped to respond to SMS messages, tapping into your live chat quota and guidelines. To activate this feature, simply get in touch with us at, and we’ll set you up with a text-enabled number. This can be a game-changer, allowing you to cast a wider net in capturing leads from various platforms.