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JustRemote Review

Information about the company

JustRemote is a leading company dedicated to connecting businesses with the best remote talent worldwide. This organization is committed to creating a work culture that transcends geographical boundaries. It was founded with the simple aim of helping companies find the perfect fit for their remote workforce while making it easy for professionals to find jobs they can do from home.

What areas they work with

  • Technology: JustRemote is heavily invested in providing remote technology services, ranging from information technology support, software development, web design, and more.
  • Marketing: This firm provides remote marketing professionals that can help businesses with their digital marketing strategies, content marketing, social media management among others.
  • Healthcare: JustRemote provides remote healthcare professionals and consultants for any healthcare related services.
  • Education: They also supply remote educators, course designers, and academic consultants to education firms globally.

What services they provide

JustRemote provides a robust platform for businesses to post remote job listings and for professionals to find remote work. Their services primarily include:

  • Job Listings: Allows businesses to list remote job opportunities to a vast pool of professionals looking for remote work.
  • Job Search: Provides professionals with a wide range of remote job opportunities in various industries.
  • Talent Recruitment: Helps companies to find, vet, and hire the perfect remote talent for their team.


JustRemote provides a simple pricing structure for job listings: a one-off payment for each job listing posted. The package also includes promotion of the job listing through their social media channels. Prices may vary, and it’s essential to visit their website for the most updated information.


  • Provides a huge network of remote professionals.
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy to post and apply for jobs.
  • A one-time payment for listings without any hidden costs.
  • Supports diversity in the workplace by allowing companies to find talent worldwide.


  • They do not offer direct recruitment services.
  • It might be challenging for companies to choose the right candidate due to the vast number of professionals on the platform.


Selecting JustRemote as a platform for sourcing remote talent can provide you with access to an expansive pool of professionals from various industries around the globe. However, the selection and vetting process is left to the company, which can be a challenge for small businesses with fewer resources for recruitment.


What industries does JustRemote cater to?

JustRemote caters to a wide array of industries including Technology, Marketing, Healthcare, and Education.

Does JustRemote provide direct recruitment services?

No, JustRemote does not offer direct recruitment services. They provide a platform to connect businesses with professionals seeking remote work.

What is the pricing structure for job listings?

They charge a one-time payment for each job listing, which includes promotional efforts for the listed job. For precise information, it’s advised to check their website.

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