Information about the company

Designated PA, based in the UK, is a leading provider of virtual assistant services and has been operating successfully since 2007. The company strives to deliver versatile, cost-effective support solutions for business professionals and entrepreneurs, thus liberating their time to focus on their core competencies. Their experienced virtual assistants are committed to handling a range of administrative services, thereby ensuring businesses function smoothly and efficiently.

What areas they work with

  • Entrepreneurship: For entrepreneurs seeking to maximize their productivity while minimizing overhead costs, Designated PA provides scalable virtual assistant services tailored to their specific needs.
  • Business Consulting: Designated PA serves consulting businesses by managing administrative tasks, customer relations, content creation effectively.
  • Real Estate: Real estate firms and agents can benefit from the vast playground of services offered by Designated PA, including property management, strategic planning and customer service.
  • Healthcare: Designated PA offers services catering to the healthcare industry, helping medical professionals manage administrative tasks, appointments, and patient communications.

What services provides

  • Diary Management: Designated PA takes charge of your schedules and appointments to ensure you never miss a meeting.
  • Email Management: They help manage your inbox, respond to emails on your behalf, sort, filter, and prioritise your emails.
  • Travel Arrangements: From booking flights and accommodations to organising visas and customised itineraries, their team handles it all.
  • Event Organisation: Planning and executing corporate events, seminars, and networking events are also part of their service line-up.


Designated PA operates on a contract basis, with packages starting from 10 hours a month to 100+ hours a month. Pricing details are personalised and dependent on the nature and volume of services you require. It’s best to contact Designated PA directly for a customised quote.


  • Versatile range of services catering to various industries
  • Highly experienced and professional team of virtual assistants
  • Flexible and personalised contract packages
  • Cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes


  • Lack of transparency in pricing on the website, which may discourage potential clients
  • Services may not be accessible to every market due to being based in the UK


Designated PA delivers top-notch virtual assistant services across various industries. With their vast range of services and a highly professional team, they have established themselves as a steadfast support system for businesses. While the lack of transparent pricing may deter some, their tailored packages seem to offer value for money. Overall, Designated PA is a notable contender in the realm of virtual assistant providers.


Are contracts with Designated PA flexible?

Yes, Designated PA offers flexible contract options, catering to businesses’ unique needs and budget constraints.

What is the scope of services provided by Designated PA?

From inbox and diary management to event organisation to travel arrangements, Designated PA offers a wide array of services.

Does Designated PA cater to global clients?

While based out of the UK, Designated PA has the capacity to support clients in different regions. However, potential clients outside the UK should confirm availability before proceeding with a contract.