Zirtual Virtual Assistant Review 2024

Information about the Company

Zirtual sets itself apart by exclusively hiring college-educated virtual assistants residing in the United States. These professionals bring extensive experience, having already catered to numerous clients remotely, streamlining the outsourcing process. The strength of Zirtual lies in its ability to connect clients with assistants whose skill sets will significantly reduce their workload. In instances where a task proves too challenging, a specialist steps in, ensuring no extra costs are passed to you. What’s more, Zirtual maintains partnerships with renowned firms such as Lyft, Mouth, Jet, and Digital Ocean, providing clients with an array of discounts.

What Areas They Work With

  • Executives: A focus on refining strategies and overseeing operations.
  • Entrepreneurs: Enables progress through effective planning and innovative strategies.
  • Small Business Owners: Streamlines processes and ensures time-saving at competitive prices.

What are the Services They Provide

Inbox Management: Reclaim up to 30% of your daily hours with effective inbox zero strategies.
Calendar Management: Say goodbye to the hassles of scheduling.
Expenses & Invoices: Efficiently handle expense reporting and invoicing.
Social Media Strategy: Boost your online presence.
Research: Guided insights for swift decision-making.
Data Entry: Seamless integration with your CMS, CRM, and more.
Marketing: Engage with your audience through emails, surveys, and updated blogs.
Event Planning: Perfect events from vendor selection to guest list management.
Travel Booking: Seamless trip planning.
Website Maintenance: Keep your online portal updated without a hitch


Plan Name Description Price Work Hours/Month Users Included
Entrepreneur Plan Small task work to keep on top of a few things. $549/month 12 hours 1
Startup Plan Project work beyond inbox & scheduling. $849/month 24 hours 2
Small Business Plan Operational help for everyday business tasks. $1249/month 36 hours 3
Team Plan Built to handle demanding workloads. $1699/month 50 hours 5


  • Swift Responses: Get updates or task completions within 2 hours.
  • Flexible Commitments: No binding contracts. Adjust your plans as required.
  • Quality First: Zirtual is choosy, opting only for the best assistants who are genuinely passionate.
  • Safety & Organization: Backed by stringent background checks and secure tools


  • Geographic Limitations: Being exclusively US-based might not serve businesses needing round-the-clock assistance due to time zone differences.
  • No Rollover of Unused Hours: Unused hours in a month can’t be transferred to the next month, leading to potential inefficiency for sporadic users.
  • Specialized Task Dependence: For niche tasks, the need to depend on an external specialist can be seen as an additional step.
  • Pricing: Their service tiers might be slightly out of reach for startups or businesses with a limited budget.


In a world where time is invaluable and businesses are seeking efficient ways to manage their operations, Zirtual emerges as a trusted ally. Their commitment to recruiting only the best, college-educated virtual assistants from within the U.S. ensures quality and reliability at every step. With a wide array of services from inbox management to event planning, they cater to diverse needs, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or an executive. Their transparent pricing plans, coupled with unparalleled benefits like quick response times and stringent security measures, makes Zirtual an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their productivity. As we’ve delved deep into what Zirtual offers in this 2023 review, it’s clear that they stand out not just as a service provider, but as a partner invested in your success.


Is there a setup fee?

Absolutely not! At Zirtual, we believe in transparent pricing. When you join us, your first delegation strategy call is on us, ensuring a smooth start with no hidden charges.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Certainly. Zirtual offers flexible plans tailored to your needs. If your requirements change, feel free to upgrade or downgrade your plan. Remember, any plan changes will be effective from the next billing cycle.

What happens if I don’t utilize all my allocated hours?

At Zirtual, we constantly monitor your usage. Our proactive assistants communicate regularly with their managers (whom we fondly call delegation experts) to brainstorm ways to assist you optimally. Though we don’t roll over unused hours, we ensure that with the right plan, you’ll always get the best value.

Are there binding, long-term contracts?

No. We pride ourselves on flexibility. With Zirtual, you’re not tied down. You can cancel at any point, and your cancellation will be processed starting the following month. Please note, though, we don’t prorate or refund unused hours.

Can one assistant handle multiple email inboxes?

Absolutely! While the number of hours and team members are primary factors in pricing, our assistants are adept at juggling tasks. If you need them to manage emails for several members of your team, ensure you select a suitable plan to cover the workload.

Will I have an opportunity to meet my assistant before starting?

Yes! We believe in establishing a strong working relationship right from the start. Once you sign up, you’ll be introduced to your assistant during the kickoff delegation strategy call. We match you based on multiple factors, including skillsets, time zones, company nature, and personality traits. If, however, you ever feel the need for a change, you can request a different assistant.