OkayRelax Virtual Assistant Review 2024

Information about the Company

Born in the competitive landscape of the USA, OkayRelax has evolved as a beacon in the realm of virtual assistance. As the digital age has demanded more of our time, OkayRelax has consistently risen to the challenge, offering tailored solutions for busy individuals. Their commitment isn’t just in delivering a service but in forging a partnership. They aim to simplify the complexities of daily routines, ensuring clients gain back valuable time, and making it a trusted ally in the modern-day hustle.

What Areas They Work With

  • Personal Services
  • Virtual Executive Assistance
  • Marketing Virtual Assistance
  • PHP Development

What are the Services They Provide

Personal Services: Covering an extensive range, from pivotal tasks like general and product research, schedule, and inbox management, to nuanced needs like job hunting, travel planning, social media management, documentation, and gift recommendations.

Virtual Executive Assistant: More than an assistant, they function as partners, dynamically adapting to manage tasks, time, and unexpected responsibilities.

Marketing Virtual Assistant: A blend of marketing finesse and digital expertise, offering services like SEO, copywriting, graphic design, and in-depth market research.

PHP Developer: Customized coding solutions for those needing technical assistance.


Plan Features Hours/Month Monthly Price Yearly Price (Save 25%)
Relief No dedicated manager 3 $29.95 $22.46
Comfort With dedicated manager 10 $99.95 $74.96
Relaxed With dedicated manager 20 $199.95 $149.96


  • Clients: Enjoy the luxury of rigorously screened assistants, flexible non-contractual terms, stellar customer service, personalized guidance, and a transparent billing system.
  • Virtual Assistants: The company’s ethos ensures a nurturing environment, offering remote working perks, a vibrant community, emergency support, and generous leave packages.


  • Limited weekend availability may be a challenge for some.
  • Exclusive English services might narrow its global reach.
  • A minimum commitment of 3 hours/month may not cater to all.
  • Absence of ultra-short-term or highly customized plans.
  • The virtual-only model might deter clients seeking face-to-face interactions.


In a world where time has become an increasingly scarce resource, OkayRelax emerges as more than just a service – it’s a boon to modern-day professionals and individuals alike. Its dedication to meticulous service, coupled with the breadth and depth of its offerings, firmly establishes its stellar reputation in the 2023 virtual assistant space. Though no entity is without areas of potential growth, OkayRelax’s strengths are overwhelmingly positive, making it a top-tier choice for those seeking to amplify productivity while maintaining work-life balance. As the digital age marches forward, OkayRelax’s commitment to delivering exceptional value remains unwavering, making it a partner you’d genuinely want on your side.


What happens when I sign up?

Once you opt for any of our plans, we prioritize your onboarding experience. You’ll be welcomed with an invite to our state-of-the-art project management system through an email. From there, you can seamlessly start submitting your tasks, guiding us to be in perfect sync with your needs.

Is there a contract that I need to be aware of?

We believe in a hassle-free experience. Thus, you’re not bound by any stringent contracts. Our services are as flexible as they come, enabling you to cancel at your convenience, anytime you wish.

Is your service available during weekends?

Yes, we do have our dedicated assistants working over the weekends. However, it’s essential to note that the workforce is leaner than on weekdays, so there might be a slight delay in response. We appreciate your patience during these times.

What’s the policy during holidays?

We honor and observe major USA holidays. During these times, our virtual assistants are off, rejuvenating and spending quality moments with their loved ones. However, if you have an urgent need, do let us know. We always strive to make special arrangements if possible, especially if informed in advance.

Can clients outside the USA avail of your services?

Absolutely! We’re proud to offer our top-tier services to clients worldwide. However, it’s crucial to note that we currently only provide virtual assistant services in English. If English works for you, so do we!

How can I securely share passwords with my assistant?

Your privacy and security are paramount to us. We’ve integrated a secure, encrypted platform for such exchanges. When you’re ready to share sensitive information like passwords, reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through the safe, straightforward process.

Is it possible to set up recurring tasks?

Yes, we’ve made task management breezy for you! Once you define a start date for any task, our system provides you with an option to set it on repeat. Choose a frequency that suits your needs, and you’re good to go.

How is the time spent on each task managed?

Transparency is key in our operations. Initially, we allocate about 30 minutes to gauge the scope and direction of your task. We then revert to ensure we’re aligned with your expectations. Post your confirmation, our assistants dedicate themselves to your task, ensuring it’s executed impeccably and in a timely manner.