Hiremymom Review

Information about the Company

Founded by Lesley Pyle in 2007, HireMyMom is an online service designed to connect talented professionals at home with businesses seeking specialized talent for their projects and tasks. It primarily targets mothers who wish to work from home, creating a unique platform that benefits both organizations looking for skilled labor and professional mothers who prefer to work in the comfort of their homes. Unlike traditional job boards, HireMyMom focuses on providing genuine, home-based, and flexible opportunities.

What Areas They Work With

HireMyMom caters to a diverse array of industries, including but not limited to:

Social Media: Companies in need of managing their social media presence can benefit from the pool of social media experts available on HireMyMom.

Virtual Assistance: Virtual Assistants are increasingly becoming popular in various sectors as they handle a range of tasks remotely, thus saving businesses the cost of hiring full-time employees.

Writing & Editing: Firms in need of content creation or editing services can tap into the wealth of writers available on this platform.

Administrative Support: Businesses with administrative tasks can hire support staff to handle logistics, scheduling, data entry, and other similar tasks.

Graphic Design & Marketing: Creative industries can find expert graphic designers and marketers to increase their visibility and enhance their brand image.

What Services Provides

Some of the services provided by professionals on HireMyMom include:

Virtual Assistance: Offering administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients remotely.

Graphic Design: Creation of visual content to communicate messages for businesses.

Content Writing and Editing: Creation and modification of written material for web pages, blogs, and other forms of publicity.

Social Media Management: Handling a company’s social media channels to grow their online presence.

Project Management: Overseeing specific projects to ensure they are completed efficiently and effectively.


HireMyMom operates on a membership basis rather than charging commissions. Employers pay either a quarterly fee of $99.99 or $49.99 for a monthly membership. For professionals looking for work, the platform charges $29.99 for a six-week trial period, after which members can opt for their prefered period and pricing model.


Wide Variety of Jobs: HireMyMom provides a broad selection of job categories, ranging from administrative to creative roles.
No Commission Fees: Unlike many job platforms, HireMyMom charges a flat membership fee with no additional commission charges.
Focused on Flexibility: This platform aligns with mothers who prefer a work-life balance by providing flexible employment options.


Membership Fee: Some may view the membership fee as a downside since many job boards are free for job seekers.
Limited to Certain Demographics: The platform is heavily marketed towards mothers, potentially limiting the diversity of the candidate pool.


In conclusion, HireMyMom offers a unique take on remote working platforms, providing a highly targeted job board that caters to both businesses and work-from-home professionals. While it does have its downsides, such as membership fees and a specific target demographic, the advantages it offers make it an attractive platform for businesses seeking specialized remote talent.


Who can apply for jobs on HireMyMom?

While the platform is marketed towards mothers, any professional looking for flexible, home-based work can apply for jobs on HireMyMom.

What kinds of businesses use HireMyMom?

A wide range of small to medium-sized businesses across many industries use HireMyMom to find skilled remote professionals.

Is there a fee for job seekers on HireMyMom?

Yes, there is a $29.99 charge for a six-week trial period, after which members can opt for their prefered period and pricing model.