Wervas Review

Information about the Company

Wervas is an innovative virtual assistant services provider. They leverage new technology as well as human expertise to ensure businesses and individuals receive unparalleled assistance in their operations. Founded in 2015, the company is devoted to streamlining tedious tasks to make life easier for their clients. Wervas takes pride in its highly skilled and professional team that offers personalized services to individuals and businesses around the world. They boast the delivery of high-quality services at affordable rates.

What Areas They Work With

Wervas cuts across multiple industries, offering tailored services to meet specific industry needs. Here’s a look at some of the industries they engage with:

E-commerce: They assist online businesses in managing orders, customer service, website maintenance, and more.

Real Estate: Wervas provides property market research, database management, and even appointment setting.

Finance: Their competent team of assistants aids in managing finance-related activities, including maintaining ledgers, preparing reports, and taxation.

Services Provided

Their range of services is vast and diverse, designed to cater to different client needs. Some of the services provided by Wervas include:

Administrative Support: They offer calendar management, email handling, data entry, and other office tasks.

Digital Marketing: Wervas contributes to the online presence of a business by providing services like SEO, app development, and social media management.

Financial Planning: They offer services like bookkeeping, financial reporting, and more.

Real Estate Services: From property search and listing to appointment setting, Wervas does it all.


Wervas offer various packages with different price points to accommodate everyone’s budget. The prices generally range from $8 to $12 per hour, depending on the complexity and demand of the job.


– Affordable pricing with no hidden costs.

– Highly skilled and professional staff.

– Efficient and reliable service.

– They offer a wide range of services.

– They cater to many different industries.


– Their services are restricted by time zones.

– There is a longer learning curve for more specialized tasks.


Wervas is a highly efficient and reliable virtual assistant service solution for businesses and individuals seeking administrative, technical, or creative assistance. With their diversified service portfolio and industry expertise, they offer immense value to their clients, helping streamline their operations and improve productivity.


What can a Wervas virtual assistant do for my business?

Their virtual assistants can handle a broad array of tasks from basic administrative tasks like email and calendar management, to more specialized tasks like bookkeeping and digital marketing.

What makes Wervas stand out from other virtual assistant service providers?

Their commitment to the utilization of both recent technology and human expertise in the delivery of their services. They also stand out with their cater to various industries, affordable rates, and the high professionalism and skill level of their staff.

How do I start using Wervas Virtual Assistant Services?

You can start by visiting their website, choosing a service that best matches your needs, and then subscribing to a package that fits your budget.