We Are Working Review

Information about the Company

We Are Working is an innovative company with a unique approach to providing small to medium-sized businesses with the opportunity to grow. Their team offers trained virtual assistants to handle various tasks, creating more time for clients to focus on other aspects like business development. The company has established its expertise in multiple industries, demonstrating their ability to adapt to different business needs. With a highly skilled team, We Are Working ensures seamless integration with businesses while providing quality results.

What Areas They Work With

We Are Working caters to a wide horizons of industries, some of which include:

Marketing: They provide services to help businesses build their brand identity, engage with their audience, and improve their online presence.
Financial Services: We Are Working handles various administrative tasks, giving financial firms more time to focus on their core services.
Human Resources: The company assists HR professionals in handling administrative tasks, employee onboarding, and recruitment to ensure smooth operations.
IT Services: The company works with IT firms, managing project coordination, data management, and administrative support.

What Services Provide

We Are Working offers an array of services that include but are not limited to:

Administrative Support: This service includes managing calendars, sorting emails, booking appointments, and handling other administrative tasks required by the business.
Online Marketing Support: We Are Working offers comprehensive marketing services which encompass social media management, content creation, and SEO.
Customer Service Support: Their team can handle all customer service related tasks, enhancing the customer experience and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Technical Support: The company provides support in managing databases, software, and other technical tasks crucial to the operation of businesses.


We Are Working offers competitive pricing, offering different plans suited for various types of businesses. Their pricing information is easily accessible on their website, providing transparency and convenience for prospective clients.


With We Are Working, you can expect to reap numerous benefits:

– Access to a skilled and dedicated workforce
– Streamlined business operations
– More time to focus on core business functions
– Financial savings as opposed to hiring in-house staff


However, there are a few downsides to consider:

– Limited physical interaction with your team
– Time zone differences may affect communication and work timeline
– Dependence on internet access for communication


Overall, We Are Working offers comprehensive virtual assistant services suitable for various industries. Though there may be some drawbacks, the numerous benefits they offer, coupled with their versatility and dedication, make them a great option for businesses seeking to streamline operations.


What industries does We Are Working cater to?

We Are Working serves a range of industries including marketing, financial services, human resources, and IT.

What services does We Are Working provide?

We Are Working offers services like administrative support, online marketing, customer service support, and technical support.

Is We Are Working affordable?

We Are Working offers a range of pricing plans to suit various budgets, making it an affordable option for many businesses.