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VirtualStaff PH Review

Information about the Company

VirtualStaff.ph is an online platform based in the Philippines that caters to businesses globally by offering highly skilled virtual assistants. The firm began its operations in 2015 and has gained a reputation for connecting employers with talented remote workers proficient in various fields. Through their innovative approach to virtual business management, they’ve established themselves as a reliable source for quality virtual staffing solutions.

What Areas They Work With

VirtualStaff.ph specializes in providing virtual assistance to several industries. To name a few:

  • E-commerce: They offer assistance with managing online stores, including inventory management, order processing, and customer service.
  • Digital Marketing: The company provides skilled professionals proficient in SEO, content creation, social media management, and many more digital marketing strategies.
  • Financial Services: With their proficient virtual assistants, companies can get help with bookkeeping, financial reporting, and other related tasks.
  • Real Estate: The firm provides assistants skilled in coordinating transactions, data entry, and managing appointments.

What Services Provides

VirtualStaff.ph provides a wide range of services to cater to different business needs.

  • Recruitment Process: They will help you find and hire the best-matched virtual assistant for your business needs.
  • Customer Support: They offer virtual professionals skilled in both email and chat support.
  • Data Entry Services: They provide accurate and time-efficient data entry services.
  • Admin Work: They offer assistance with administration tasks like calendar management, file organization, and research work.


At VirtualStaff.ph, the pricing is as transparent and flexible as it gets. They do not have a fixed pricing model, rather the pay rates are clearly listed on the profiles of the virtual staff. The individual sets the rates, giving employers the leeway to find staff within their budget.


  • Proficiency: VirtualStaff.ph prides itself on its repertoire of proficient virtual assistants.
  • No Contract: The platform provides total control to companies by not demanding long-term contracts.
  • Time-Efficient: The platform allows businesses to hire the needed skills on-demand saving time in training in-house staff.
  • Diverse Skillset: The platform offers VAs with a wide range of expertise.


  • No Fixed Pricing: The lack of fixed pricing might not be suitable for businesses seeking a predetermined cost structure.
  • Quality Variation: As the virtual assistants are from various backgrounds, there may be a difference in experience and expertise level.


VirtualStaff.ph offers a promising platform for businesses seeking dedicated and efficient virtual assistants. While it may have its limitations, the platform’s flexibility, transparency and extensive skill pool make it worth considering.


How long does it take to hire a virtual assistant on VirtualStaff.ph?

The duration of hiring depends on the specificity of the role and the selection process of the employer.

Are there contract obligations for hiring a virtual assistant from VirtualStaff.ph?

No, VirtualStaff.ph does not bind employers into long-term contracts.

What is the payment procedure on VirtualStaff.ph?

You can negotiate the pay and payment terms directly with your hired virtual assistant.

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