Virtalent Review

Information about the Company

Founded in 2014, Virtalent is a UK-based company specializing in providing virtual assistant services to entrepreneurs, professionals, and small businesses that need an extra set of hands. The company aims to bridge the gap for businesses that need high-quality services without necessarily hiring full-time office staff.

What Areas They Work With

Virtalent comprises a wide array of sectors, providing support across industries such as:

+ Real Estate: They help manage administrative tasks, negotiation, drafting contracts, and organizing viewings.
+ E-commerce: Providing assistance with customer service, inventory management, and updating product listings.
+ Healthcare: They assist in handling patients’ records, appointments, billing, and other administrative tasks.
+ Marketing Agencies: Offering support in managing clients, creating reports, and carrying out market research.

What Services Provides

Virtalent offers an encompassing range of services such as:

+ Executive Assistance: Managing calendars, emails, files, and appointments.
+ Digital Marketing: SMM, SEO, PPC Management, and content creation.
+ Virtual Operations Management: Business process improvement, task tracking, and team coordination.


Virtalent offers flexible pricing plans to suit businesses of different sizes and budgets. The prices begin from £250 (~$333) per month for 10 hours of service which equates to £25 per hour. They also offer other plans including a 20-hour monthly plan for £480 (~$638) and a 60-hour monthly plan for £1,380 (~$1,838).


+ Access to a wide variety of skills from project management to marketing and administration.
+ Cost-saving as it negates the need for hiring a full-time employee.
+ Increased productivity as it handles tasks that would otherwise slow down a business.
+ Great customer service with a dedicated account manager.
+ High-quality standards with its team of well-trained virtual assistants.


+ The service may be too expensive for very small businesses or start-ups.
+ Limited to certain service areas such as they don’t handle phone calls.


Virtalent offers a broad selection of virtual assistant services that can be a real game-changer for businesses needing to outsource work but who aren’t ready to hire full-time staff. Though the pricing might be on the higher side for some, the wide array of services and the quality of assistance provided by Virtalent can make it a worthwhile investment.


Where is Virtalent based?

Virtalent is based in the United Kingdom.

What industries does Virtalent serve?

Virtalent serves industries such as Real Estate, E-commerce, Healthcare, and Marketing Agencies.

What services do Virtalent provide?

Virtalent provides Executive Assistance, Digital Marketing and Virtual Operations Management.