VaVa Virtual Assistants Review

Information about the Company

VaVa Virtual Assistants is a US-based virtual assistant company. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011, the company’s primary goal since inception has been to assist clients with reaching their full potential through operational and administrative support. Over the years, VaVa has grown significantly, gaining recognition and positive feedback for their exceptional service delivery.

What Areas They Work With

E-commerce: VaVa Virtual Assistants delivers top-notch services to E-commerce businesses, handling tasks such as product descriptions, keyword research, inventory management, and customer service.

Real Estate: Real estate professionals rely on VaVa for tasks such as data entry, lead generation, marketing and advertising, documentation, and more.

Digital Marketing Agencies: For digital marketing agencies, VaVa assists with social media management, email marketing, content creation, and other digital marketing tasks.

Non-profit Organizations: Non-profits trust VaVa with tasks such as fundraising coordination, event planning, volunteer management, and grant writing.

Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs: VaVa provides versatile support, from scheduling and email management to assistance with marketing and sales for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

What Services Provides

VaVa Virtual Assistants provide a wide range of services which include:

Administrative Services: This involves email management, calendar scheduling, travel arrangements, and client management among others.

Social Media: VaVa manages and grows your social media presence across different platforms.

Marketing and Branding: They provide strategies for branding, email marketing, and content creation to enhance your brand image and boost client engagement.

Website Design & Maintenance: VaVa designs websites with maintenance and updating services to keep the sites in optimal condition.


VaVa offers three main pricing tiers depending on the nature and volume of work. They have the “Essential” tier at $298 per month for up to 10 hours of work, the “Professional” tier at $548 for up to 20 hours of work, and the “Executive” tier priced at $748 for up to 30 hours.


– Flat-rate pricing ensures transparency and predictability of costs.

– US-based dedicated professionals that understand the American market.

– Comprehensive range of services to suit diverse business needs.

– Positive reputation with a track record of reliable support.


– With operations based solely in the U.S, international clients may face time-zone challenges.

– Costly for small businesses or start-ups with tight budgets.


With their wide range of services, robust service delivery, and commitment to boosting business operations, VaVa Virtual Assistants has proven to be a reliable and efficient partner for businesses of different sizes and industries. Their overall service delivery and pricing transparency make them an excellent option for businesses looking to delegate administrative tasks and focus on business growth.


What is the least amount of hours I can purchase with VaVa?

The least amount of service hours obtainable from VaVa Virtual Assistants is ten hours per month, as specified in their Essential plan.

Are the Virtual Assistants from VaVa based in the U.S?

Yes, all of VaVa’s virtual assistants are based in the U.S, providing an understanding of the American market and English as a first language.