Vasumo Review

Information about the company

Vasumo is a leading virtual assistant service, dedicated to helping professionals maximize their productivity and increase their efficiency. The company prides itself on creating the perfect balance of highly skilled professionals with a user-friendly platform that encourages anyone to delegate tasks and focus on what really matters.

What areas they work with

Vasumo ensures versatility by working with a wide variety of industries. Below are some examples:

  • Real Estate: Vasumo provides reliable assistance to real estate professionals for tasks such as property management, client follow-ups, and documentations.
  • E-commerce: Whether it’s market research, customer service, inventory management, or product listing, Vasumo has got e-commerce entrepreneurs covered.
  • Digital Marketing: From content creation to social media management and search engine optimization, Vasumo provides valuable support to digital marketers.

What services provides

Vasumo offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Administrative tasks: This includes email and calendar management, travel planning, research, and data entry tasks.
  • Design: Vasumo provides top-notch graphic design, web design, logo design, and brand identity services.
  • Media and Marketing: Services like SEO, content creation, social media management, and PR coordination make Vasumo an exceptional assistant for marketing tasks.


Vasumo offers its services at various competitive pricing tiers. The price ranges from $159/month for 10 hours of VA service to $689/month for 90 hours. While some may find this a little pricey, the wealth of expertise and time-saving potential provided by Vasumo can make it worth the investment.


  • Vasumo is known for its high-quality, professional service and a team of dedicated, highly-skilled virtual assistants.
  • The company offers a 7-day money back guarantee, providing clients with a risk-free opportunity to assess the service.
  • Vasumo provides a range of services, from administrative tasks to creative jobs— making it a one-stop-shop for all your VA needs.


  • For some businesses, especially those with a tight budget, Vasumo’s pricing model can be a little costly.
  • The company does not offer an hourly rate, this might be an issue for those companies that have inconsistent requirements month by month.


Vasumo provides a comprehensive and versatile virtual assistant service that can cater to a wide array of professional needs. While its pricing model might be a slight deterrent for some, its comprehensive range of services, quality of work, and expert reliability make it a viable option for businesses looking for virtual assistance.


Is Vasumo suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Vasumo is designed to cater for businesses of all sizes, including start-ups and small businesses. The variety of tasks that Vasumo’s assistants can handle makes it a valuable tool for small businesses looking to streamline their processes and increase productivity.

How does Vasumo’s pricing work?

Vasumo operates on a monthly subscription basis with different tiers depending on the number of hours you need. The lowest tier starts at $159/month for 10 hours of service.