Unity Communications Company Overview

Information about the company

Unity Communications is a reputable provider of virtual assistant services, carving a name for itself in the dynamic digital realm. Established with a vision to furnish top-notch virtual assistance, the company has continually evolved to meet the diverse needs of businesses across the spectrum. Their mission is clear – to augment operational efficiency and propel businesses towards achieving their objectives. The ethos of Unity Communications is rooted in delivering excellence, fostering long-term relationships with clients, and ensuring a seamless journey towards enhanced productivity. Their official website Unity-Connect is a window to their dedication towards client satisfaction, showcasing a plethora of services designed to meet the demands of a modern-day enterprise.

What Areas They Work With

Unity Communications has a broad spectrum of expertise, ensuring a comprehensive suite of services to cater to varied business needs. The areas they work with are meticulously chosen to provide holistic support to enterprises, regardless of their scale or domain. Here’s a glimpse into the core areas they work with:

    • Administrative Support: From managing schedules to handling correspondence, their administrative support is designed to free up your time for core business activities.
    • Customer Service: With a focus on building lasting relationships, their customer service ensures your customers are always satisfied.
    • Marketing Assistance: Tailored marketing strategies are devised to boost your brand’s visibility and drive more traffic.
    • IT and Technical Support: Their tech-savvy professionals are ready to troubleshoot issues and ensure smooth technical operations.
    • Financial Management: With a keen eye on your financial health, they provide services to keep your accounts in check and ensure fiscal responsibility.

What Services They Provide

The services offered by Unity Communications are a testament to their commitment to delivering a well-rounded virtual assistant solution. Here’s an insight into the services they provide:

  • Virtual Receptionist Services: A dedicated virtual receptionist ensures that every call is attended to, portraying a professional image to your clientele.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Never miss an important meeting with their meticulous appointment scheduling service, ensuring a well-organized calendar.
  • Email Management: Stay on top of your communication with their email management service, ensuring a clutter-free inbox and timely responses.
  • Social Media Management: Enhance your online presence with adept social media management, keeping your audience engaged and growing your digital footprint.
  • Data Entry and Management: Accurate and organized data entry services are provided to ensure every piece of information is correctly logged and easily retrievable.
  • Content Creation: From blog posts to newsletters, their content creation service is geared towards establishing your brand’s voice in the digital space.

Each service is designed with the aim to streamline operations, reduce the administrative burden, and ultimately drive business growth. Through a blend of experienced professionals and a client-centric approach, Unity Communications aspires to be the go-to solution for businesses in need of reliable virtual assistant services.


  • Tailored Solutions: Services are tailored to meet the unique requirements of every business, ensuring satisfaction and effectiveness.
  • Experienced Professionals: Their team comprises seasoned professionals ensuring tasks are handled competently.
  • Time-Saving: With their services, businesses can save precious time and focus on core activities.


  • Pricey Plans: Some users might find their plans a bit on the higher side compared to other providers.
  • Limited Customizability: While they offer tailored solutions, the scope of customizability might be limited.


Unity Communications stands out as a reliable companion for businesses in need of virtual assistant services. The array of services, coupled with a team of seasoned professionals, makes them a worthy consideration for anyone looking to streamline their operational workflow.


  1. What is the process of hiring a virtual assistant from Unity Communications?

    Unity follows a simple and straightforward process for hiring, ensuring you get matched with the right professional for your needs.

  2. How does Unity ensure the quality of service?

    Quality assurance is a hallmark of Unity, with regular monitoring and feedback mechanisms in place to ensure top-notch service delivery.

  3. Are there any long-term contracts?

    Details about contractual obligations can be found on their official website or by getting in touch with their customer service.