Truelancer Review

Information about the Company

Truelancer is a global freelancing platform that connects businesses with skilled freelancers. The company has carved a niche for itself in the freelancing industry by providing a wide array of services, including virtual assistant services, which cater to a variety of business needs.

What Areas They Work With

Truelancer operates in numerous sectors such as IT, marketing, content writing, and graphic design.


This sector includes services like website development, app development, and technical support.


Truelancer assists businesses in digital marketing, SEO, and social media campaigns.

Content Writing

From blog posts to corporate documentation, the platform offers comprehensive writing services.

Graphic Design

Freelancers provide logo design, brochures, and other visual content.

What Services Provides

The platform offers a diverse range of services, especially in the virtual assistant domain.

Administrative Support

Virtual assistants on Truelancer help with email management, scheduling, and other administrative tasks.

Customer Service

Virtual assistants also handle customer inquiries, support tickets, and live chat operations.

Project Management

Assistants can oversee projects, coordinate with teams, and ensure timely delivery.


Truelancer offers competitive pricing that varies based on the complexity of the task and the expertise of the freelancer. The platform allows businesses to post jobs or hire freelancers directly based on hourly rates or fixed project fees.


  • Wide Talent Pool: Access to a global network of freelancers.
  • Flexibility: Services are scalable according to business needs.
  • Cost-Effective: Typically cheaper than hiring full-time staff.


  • Quality Variance: The experience and skill level of freelancers can vary widely.
  • Communication Barriers: Working across time zones may affect project timelines.


Truelancer is a versatile platform that offers robust solutions for businesses seeking virtual assistant services. While there are challenges like quality variance, the benefits such as cost efficiency and flexibility make it a valuable resource.


What types of payment methods are accepted on Truelancer?

Truelancer accepts various payment methods including PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers.

Can I hire a virtual assistant for a short-term project on Truelancer?

Yes, Truelancer allows hiring for both short-term tasks and long-term projects.

How does Truelancer ensure the quality of freelancers?

Truelancer uses a review system and skill tests to ensure freelancers meet quality standards.

Is there customer support available for hiring disputes?

Yes, Truelancer provides customer support to resolve any disputes between clients and freelancers.

How can I evaluate a freelancer’s work before hiring?

Clients can review previous work samples and client testimonials available on the freelancer’s profile.