TranscribeMe Review

Information about the Company

TranscribeMe is a cutting-edge transcription service provider that adopts a unique crowd-sourcing model to deliver quick, precise, and affordable transcriptions. Founded in 2011, the company has managed to build a vast global community of transcribers who convert audio and video files into high-quality text. Renowned for its use of technology and innovation, TranscribeMe uses a combination of speech recognition algorithms and human transcribers to ensure that their customers receive the best quality transcriptions.

What Areas They Work with

Medical Industry: TranscribeMe assists this sector by converting medical lectures, patient data, and research recordings into text format. This helps in preserving crucial information and simplifies data handling.

Legal Sector: It provides transcription services for court hearings, investigations, and legal presentations, thus helping lawyers, paralegals, solicitors, and law firms alike.

Education: Educational institutions and students use their services to transcribe lectures, studies, and research interviews, fostering better learning and knowledge sharing.

Marketing: Their transcription services help professionals in this field to accurately transcribe focus group discussions, interviews, and recordings to analyze and develop effective marketing strategies.

What Services Provides

Transcription: TranscribeMe converts any English audio or video to text with greater than 98% accuracy, using a combination of automatic speech recognition technology and real human transcribers.

Translation: They offer translation services to and from English for key languages, which helps businesses communicate effectively in a global marketplace.

Data Annotation: They also provide data annotation services, where audio data is labelled or tagged for machine training purposes. This service is crucial for businesses working with AI and machine learning.


TranscribeMe offers competitive pricing with different packages to suit diverse needs. For a clean and clear audio file, the company charges $0.79 per minute for a basic transcription service. However, for more complex requirements such as time stamps or verbatim transcription, the rates go up to $2.00 per minute.


– Top-quality transcriptions with an accuracy rate of over 98%
– Fast turnaround time
– Competitive pricing structure
– Extensive industry coverage
– User-friendly interface
– Utilization of a vast crowd-sourced human transcription community


– Non-English transcriptions are not provided
– Pricing can climb up for complex transcription requirements
– Quality may fluctuate with audio clarity


With its innovative approach, excellent service quality, and reasonable pricing structure, TranscribeMe proves itself to be a reliable solution for diverse transcription needs. Despite a few limitations, it offers immense value for a wide range of businesses and professionals who require accurate transcriptions.


Is TranscribeMe a reliable transcription service?

Yes, with its over 98% accuracy rate and a swift turnaround time, TranscribeMe is highly reliable for transcription services.

Does TranscribeMe only transcribe in English?

Yes, as of now, TranscribeMe primarily deals with English transcription services.

What industries can benefit from TranscribeMe’s services?

Several industries can benefit, such as the medical field, legal sector, marketing, and education, among many others.