The Pocketbook Agency Review

Information about The Pocketbook Agency

The Pocketbook Agency is a renowned establishment founded in 2016 and is based in Beverly Hills, California. They specialize in providing a variety of assistant services, including virtual assistant services. Their mission is to match their clients with qualified professionals who are skilled in managing routine and ad hoc tasks, leaving the clients free to focus on their businesses. They have gained a reputation for providing high-quality services, leading to a customer centric approach making their services in demand.

What Areas They Work With

The Pocketbook Agency offers services in a variety of industries ranging from corporate to individual needs. Here are some key sectors they serve:

Entertainment Industry: They provide personalized assistance to actors, producers, directors and other key players in the entertainment industry to handle their tasks efficiently.

Corporate Industry: Their services are tailored to meet the unique needs of executives, managers, and other key players in the corporate world.

Private Individuals: Their services also extend to individuals who require assistance with personal tasks.

What Services They Provide

The Pocketbook Agency provides a multitude of services including:

Virtual Assistance: They provide professional admin support remotely, handling services like data entry, email management, appointments, and schedules.

Executive Assistance: Their executive assistants provide support to top-level executives managing responsibilities such as meeting planning, itinerary creation and professional correspondences.

Personal Assistance: They offer personal assistance services to individuals handling tasks like shopping, errands, calendar management among other services.


The Pocketbook Agency operates on a consultative basis, providing price quotes upon request. Thus, prices can vary widely based on the level of service required, the experience of the assistant, and the duration of the contract.


– High-quality and reliable services
– Wide range of services to choose from
– Suitable for a number of industries
– Customizable plans based on individual needs


– Pricing information is not readily available
– Limited presence outside the US


The Pocketbook Agency has gained a strong reputation in the sphere of executive and personal assistant services on both a virtual and personal level. Their client-specific approach appears to be a key reason behind their success. However, their pricing model can be a bit obscure for potential clients.


What types of assistant services does The Pocketbook Agency offer?

The Pocketbook Agency offers virtual, executive, and personal assistant services.

Is The Pocketbook Agency good for my business?

Yes, The Pocketbook Agency is well equipped to handle the needs of a variety of businesses across many industries.

How do I get started with The Pocketbook Agency?

The Pocketbook Agency operates on a consultative basis. You need to reach out to them for a quote to get started.