Sigrid.AI Review

Information about the company

Sigrid.AI is a membership-based personal assistant service that caters to individual needs across the globe by providing dedicated and personalized executive assistant services. The firm makes use of Human-Assisted Artificial Intelligence (HAAI) to offer its services ranging from diary management, travel planning, personal finance management and much more to its members. Sigrid.AI has positioned itself as a virtual personal assistant service that thrives on continuously learning and improving its services by making use of user data. Most importantly, it prioritizes privacy by ensuring all data use complies with stringent GDPR requirements.

What areas they work with

* Individuals: Sigrid.AI serves a plethora of individual clients, handling a plethora of tasks from email management, travel and meetings planning and more.
* Corporations: The company also specializes in serving corporate clients where it manages administrative tasks thereby enabling these companies to focus on core operations.
* Entrepreneurs: Sigrid.AI also offers service to entrepreneurs and startups, providing virtual assistant services to help manage their time and tasks effectively.

What services provides

* Meeting Management: Sigrid.AI effectively manages meeting schedules including setting up meetings, sending timely reminders, and ensuring all attendees are well-prepared.
* Email Management: The company also handles inbox management, thereby freeing clients from time-consuming process of reading and replying to emails.
* Travel Planning: From airlines bookings to reservations at hotels, Sigrid.AI takes care of all travel plans.


Sigrid.AI’s prices are based on a membership model, which varies depending upon the range of services provided. While exact prices are not disclosed on their website, prospective customers can request a personalized quote based on their specific needs.


* 24/7 availability.
* Individually assigned personal assistants.
* Swift response times.
* Integration of artificial intelligence to improve efficiency.
* Strict adherence to privacy regulations.


* Lack of clear pricing on their website.
* Services maybe overpriced compared to other players in the industry.


Sigrid.AI serves as a viable option for those individuals and corporations in need of a reliable and efficient personal assistant service. Their integration of artificial intelligent technology with their service delivery mechanisms places them above the competition. Their strict adherence to privacy policy also ensures that their customers are in good hands.


What is Sigrid.AI?

Sigrid.AI is a subscription-based virtual personal assistant service that provides dedicated individual and corporate assistance using efficient technologies including artificial intelligent systems.

What types of services does Sigrid.AI offer?

Sigrid.AI offers a wide range of services that include meeting management, email management, and travel planning among others.

How is Sigrid.AI priced?

Sigrid.AI does not provide clear pricing details on their website, but works on a membership based model for which prospective clients are required to request a personalized quote.

What are the pros of Sigrid.AI?

Sigrid.AI boasts of its 24/7 service availability, quick response times, and strict data privacy standards.

What are the cons of Sigrid.AI?

Some may find lack of clear pricing information and potentially high prices as cons of choosing Sigrid.AI as their virtual assistant partner.