RemSource Virtual Assistant Review 2024

Information about the Company

Founded in 2009, RemSource embarked on a mission to support small business owners drowning in tasks. Business growth often comes with increased demands, pushing many owners to their limits. RemSource, based in the US, stands as a beacon for these business owners, guiding them away from tedious back-office tasks and refocusing them on their core operations.

Through immersive involvement, RemSource transforms into a genuine extension of your operations. By deeply understanding your business, they ensure your clients always feel they’re conversing with a team member who genuinely understands and caters to their needs.

Indeed, every business owner faces a choice: spend time on revenue-generating activities or get bogged down by daily office tasks. By entrusting RemSource with the latter, you can center your attention on the former. It’s a strategic move that promises mutual benefit.

What Areas They Work With

Virtual Administrative Services: With RemSource’s support, the age-old advice to “work smarter, not harder” takes on a new resonance. They handle the complexities, allowing you to streamline your workflow.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services: Businesses thrive or falter based on numbers. Amid daily operations, it’s easy to lose sight of your ultimate financial goal. RemSource’s virtual bookkeeping keeps you informed and ensures you never lose track of your financial position.

Consulting: For companies that have expanded and increased their staff, RemSource offers a fresh perspective on systems and processes.

Project Management: Their team excels in handling short-term small to medium-sized projects, guaranteeing they not only meet but exceed your expectations.

What are the Services They Provide

Virtual Administrative Services: Communication (including Live Call Answering and Email Communications), Schedule Management (like Appointment Setting and RSVP Tracking), Customer Service (from Account Inquiries to New Customer Intake), and Business Processes (Data Entry to Task Workflows).

Virtual Bookkeeping Services: Covers everything from Customer Invoicing to Payroll Administration.

Consulting: Azi Rosenblum, with his extensive experience and acumen, offers invaluable insights to businesses at every stage.

Project Management: Whether it’s list building, research, or seasonal tasks, they have got it covered.


RemSource prides itself on its unique flat-fee pricing model. Once they understand your needs, they’ll offer a monthly quote for the job description, making onboarding straightforward and hassle-free.


Revenue Boost: By pinpointing and rectifying resource drains, they help set a pathway for enhanced profitability.

Workload Balance: They shoulder the daily tasks, freeing you to focus on genuine business activities.

Acceleration in Growth: With administrative chores out of the way, your attention and resources can be wholly directed toward expansion and revenue generation.

Expertise Access: Outsourcing brings a reservoir of knowledge and experience otherwise unavailable.

Resource Management: By outsourcing, you can reallocate internal resources, ensuring optimal productivity.

Enhanced Flexibility: Tailor your operations to suit your evolving needs without any major upheavals.


Learning Curve: For businesses unfamiliar with outsourcing, there might be a short adjustment period when integrating with RemSource’s systems.

Lack of Physical Presence: While RemSource offers excellent remote service, there might be tasks or situations where an on-site assistant could be more beneficial.

Potential Over-reliance: Over time, businesses might become too dependent on RemSource for essential tasks, which could pose challenges if ever wanting to switch services or bring tasks back in-house.

Privacy Concerns: Handling sensitive tasks remotely might raise concerns regarding the confidentiality and security of business data.

Cost Implications: For extremely small businesses or startups, the flat-fee pricing might initially seem like an added expense, especially if their administrative tasks are sporadic.


Having delved deeply into RemSource’s services, it’s clear that this platform presents a transformative opportunity for businesses. RemSource doesn’t just offer assistance; they provide a chance for businesses to soar, optimizing operations and infusing efficiency. While there are a few aspects to consider, such as getting used to the outsourcing model or understanding the full scope of remote work, these challenges are dwarfed by the expansive benefits. The promise of increased revenue, expert access, and a harmonized workload is too potent to overlook. Every service has its learning curve, but with RemSource, that curve leads directly to a vantage point of unparalleled business vistas. For businesses in 2023, embracing RemSource could very well mean embracing an era of unprecedented growth and success.


How does RemSource handle my business calls?

Utilizing a combination of sophisticated call-forwarding and routing technologies, RemSource expertly manages calls regardless of the origin of your business number. Whether it’s a cell phone, landline, or VoIP service, they ensure that each call is promptly attended to. Their system not only streamlines call management but also prioritizes calls based on your specific business needs, ensuring that your customers always receive timely and appropriate responses.

What sets RemSource apart from standard answering services?

RemSource isn’t merely an answering service; it’s an operational partner. By delving deep into the nuances of your business operations, they can offer services that go far beyond just receiving calls. With a focus on maximizing efficiency and effectiveness, they can handle diverse roles like customer service inquiries, proactive schedule management, comprehensive billing, and even strategic consultations. Their holistic approach ensures a seamless interface with your clients, making them an invaluable extension of your business.

What if a client insists on talking to me?

Understanding the importance of direct communication, RemSource doesn’t position itself as an obstruction. Instead, it functions as a facilitator, ensuring that essential information is first gathered to make your eventual conversation with the client more efficient. However, in situations marked by urgency or specific client requests, they swiftly prioritize facilitating a direct connection between you and the client. Their approach guarantees that the client always feels prioritized and valued.

Can RemSource work with my data systems?

Definitely. RemSource prides itself on its technological adaptability. Their team possesses expertise across a wide range of business software systems. From widely recognized platforms like Zoho, Pipedrive, and Google Docs to niche industry-specific software, their versatility ensures a seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. Continuous training ensures they remain updated with the latest software innovations, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your business.

How can RemSource manage all this remotely?

The digital age has ushered in tools and techniques that have revolutionized remote working capabilities. RemSource leverages all these tools, like state-of-the-art call forwarding systems, robust web-based platforms, secure remote logins, and more. However, beyond the technology, it’s their commitment to excellence and their dedication to providing top-notch, personalized service that truly sets them apart. They blend technology with a human touch, ensuring that distance never compromises quality.

How are after-hours calls managed?

RemSource recognizes that businesses operate round the clock, even if office hours don’t. To address this, they design a customized call routing plan for each client. This tailored strategy can involve diverse options, such as specialized voicemail setups, instant SMS alerts, prompt email notifications, or even pre-programmed automated responses. Their goal is to ensure that regardless of the time, every call receives the attention it deserves, reinforcing your business’s reputation for customer-centricity.

Will this impact the personalized service my clients are used to?

On the contrary! RemSource actually amplifies it. By meticulously handling operational details, they free you up to focus on building and nurturing customer relationships. Clients have often reported a notable enhancement in satisfaction levels post-integration with RemSource. The company’s core strength lies in streamlining operations without losing the personal touch, ensuring that your clients continue to receive the attentive, individualized service they’ve come to expect and cherish.