Premier VEBA Review

Information about the company

Premier VEBA is a versatile and dynamic company that offers an extensive range of virtual assistant services. With a team of professionally trained and experienced virtual assistants, the firm prides itself in providing top-notch services to businesses and individuals worldwide. Premier VEBA stands out for its comprehensive service provision, cost-effectiveness, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

What areas they work with

Real Estate: Premier VEBA supports real estate businesses with thorough market research, lead generation, scheduling viewings, and document management.
Ecommerce: For online retail businesses, they provide services like inventory management, customer support, data entry, and order handling.
Legal Services: They offer case research, legal transcriptions, and documentations for law firms.
Healthcare: For healthcare institutions, they handle patient scheduling, medical coding and billing, and report transcription.

What services provides

Administrative Support: Focusing on duties such as managing emails, scheduling appointments, managing online documentation, and travel planning.
Social Media Management: Keeping up with trends, posting regular updates, and engaging with the audience on various platforms.
Customer Service: Provides customer support, query resolution, and maintains customer satisfaction.
Data Entry: Efficient entry, tracking, and management of data for businesses.


Premier VEBA offers a variety of packaging options that suit different business needs. The pricing is based on the number of hours and the complexity of tasks involved, ensuring a solution for every budget. They guarantee transparent pricing without any hidden costs.


– Expert virtual assistants with varied specialization
– Customized solutions for different industries
– Cost and time savings
– Round the clock services
– No long term contract obligations


– No physical presence limiting face-to-face interactions
– The package based pricing might not suit all businesses
– Time zone differences might pose a challenge


Premier VEBA, with its wide array of services, flexibility, and affordability, is a promising solution for businesses seeking to outsource tasks. Despite minor drawbacks, their pros substantially outweigh the cons, making them a viable choice for businesses of all sizes and industries.


What is the mode of communication with Premier VEBA?

They offer multiple communication channels including email, phone, and popular messaging applications.

What happens if you exceed the hours in your package?

They will either bill for the extra hours as per their hourly rate or you may opt to upgrade your package.

Does Premier VEBA offer any trial work period?

Yes, they offer a trial period for new clients to experience their service quality.