oDeskwork Review

Information about the company

oDeskwork is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the premier platforms for connecting businesses with high-quality, reliable virtual assistants. Establishing itself as a leading edge in the industry, oDeskwork provides comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective virtual assistant services to help businesses scale and grow smoothly.

What areas they work with

In its bid to accommodate a vast array of business sectors, oDeskwork operates across numerous areas, including:

Marketing: They provide services to businesses looking to enhance their marketing strategies and campaigns.
IT and Software Development: IT companies can bank on oDeskwork’s skilled workforce to execute software projects efficiently.
E-commerce: They provide comprehensive solutions for online businesses that need help managing their operations.

What services provides

oDeskwork boasts a wide range of services tailored to meet various business needs. These include:

Administrative Services: Comprehensive administrative support to ensure smooth daily operations.
Marketing Services: Assistance with diverse facets of marketing such as SEO, content creation, social media management, and more.
IT & Web Support: Offering solutions in web design, web development, and IT support.
Customer Service: Providing customer support solutions to foster strong client relationships.


oDeskwork’s pricing model encompasses both hourly and fixed-price contracts. Skip the recruitment, training and supervision costs of operating an in-house team and only pay for the actual work done. Exact prices may vary depending on the specific services and expertise required.


– Wide range of services
– Flexible and affordable pricing models
– Skilled and experienced workforce
– Cost and time efficient
– High customer satisfaction rate


– Prices can be a little high if multiple services are required
– Specific services could be outsourced to different professionals, causing slight inconsistencies


In conclusion, oDeskwork is a reliable platform connecting businesses with proficient virtual assistants. Their diverse services, flexible pricing and skilled professionals make it a worthy consideration for businesses seeking seamless and professional virtual assistance.


What industries does oDeskwork cater to?

oDeskwork caters to a diverse range of industries including Marketing, IT, Software Development, E-commerce, amongst others.

What services does oDeskwork provide?

oDeskwork offers services in Administrative Support, Marketing, IT and Web Support, and Customer Service.

What are the costs for their services?

oDeskwork’s pricing depends on whether you opt for an hourly or fixed-price contract, and on the specifics of the service required.