NS Virtual Services Review

Information About the Company

NS Virtual Services is a Canada-based company that has been providing virtual assistance to businesses worldwide since 2007. By providing both general administrative services and specialized solutions, they have amassed a diverse client base and established themselves as leaders in the industry. They aim to support small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants.

What Areas They Work with

NS Virtual Services operates across various sectors, including:

Real Estate: They offer support to real estate companies with tasks like customer service, listing management, and social media campaigns.

E-Commerce: From product listing to managing orders and customer service, they provide end-to-end assistance for online stores.

Consulting: They take care of preparatory tasks such as scheduling appointments, organizing documents, and dealing with customer inquiries.

Technology: They help technology companies with customer support, social media management, and other administrative tasks.

What Services Provides

NS Virtual Services provides an array of specialized services including:

Administrative Services: Tasks such as data entry, email and diary management, and document creation.

Social Media Management: They handle content creation, page moderation, campaigns and analytics.

Bilingual Services: Provides English to French, and French to English translations, bilingually answered calls, and transcription services.

Marketing Support: They provide assistance in creating and implementing marketing strategies, managing email campaigns, and conducting market research.


NS Virtual Services offers customized pricing solutions based on the specific needs and budgets of their clients. They offer hourly rates, retainer packages, and project-based prices. Their hourly rates start at $37, and retainer packages range from $340 for 10 hours to $3200 for 100 hours.


– Wide range of services: From marketing support to bilingual services, NS Virtual Services cater to varied business needs.

– Specific industry experience: They work with various industries, including real estate and e-commerce, providing an understanding of industry-specific needs.

– Flexible pricing: Tailored pricing solutions allow businesses of all sizes and budgets to benefit from their services.


– No flat rate pricing: While their pricing is flexible, businesses looking for flat rate options might not find it suitable.

– Limited details on their website: Their website does not provide detailed information about all their services.

– Potential language barrier: Although they offer bilingual services, businesses requiring assistance in languages other than English and French may face difficulties.


NS Virtual Services is a driven versatile company that provides quality virtual assistant services to a wide range of industries. Their flexible pricing structure, extensive service offerings, and years of industry experience make them a viable option for businesses needing dependable virtual assistance.


What Languages Does NS Virtual Services Support?

As of now, NS Virtual Services offers bilingual services in English and French.

What is the Minimum Hiring Requirement?

NS Virtual Services has a 5-hour minimum hiring requirement for their services.

Is there a Contract?

Nope! NS Virtual Services does not lock you into long-term contracts. Clients are free to change or cancel their services as per their business requirements.

Can You Hire for One-off Projects?

Yes, NS Virtual Services allows you to hire virtual assistants for one-off or short-term projects as well.