Nexa Receptionists Review

Information about the Company

Founded in 2008 and known as Nexa, the company offers high-quality virtual receptionist services. With over 12 years of experience, the company has served more than a million customers across different sectors. Nexa Receptionists, originally known as Answer 1, has redefined virtual assistant services by ensuring seamless interaction between businesses and their customers. The company’s mission is to enable businesses to build outstanding relationships with their customers through efficient and round-the-clock communication.

What Areas They Work with

Nexa Receptionists primarily serve the following industries:

Legal firms: Nexa offers specialized answering services, client intake, and appointment scheduling for law firms.
Home services: They provide after-hour answering services, appointment setting, and lead qualification for HVAC companies, plumbers, locksmiths, etc.
Healthcare: Nexa supports healthcare providers with appointment scheduling, patient reminders, and virtual triage services.
Property management: They also specialize in taking maintenance requests, providing emergency dispatch services, and call answering services for property managers.

What Services Nexa Provides

Nexa Receptionists provide the following key services:

Virtual Receptionists: Offer 24/7 call answering service, email, and message management services to businesses.
Appointment Scheduling: Manage client’s schedules, set up meetings, and personal appointments.
Lead Qualification: Preemptively evaluate potential customers for the sales team, letting them focus on high-quality leads.
Customer Service: Round-the-clock customer support for handling customer queries and issues.


Nexa offers three different plans: NexaProfessional, NexaPlus and NexaIntegrations, with pricing starting at $229, $519, and custom pricing for the premium tier, respectively. Each plan varies in services, including 24/7 Live Receptionist, appointment scheduling, integrations, and other advanced features. They also offer a customized quote tailored to the unique needs of businesses.


– Bilingual service: Services are available in both English and Spanish.
– 24/7 service: Nexa Receptionists are available round the clock, providing coverage on holidays and weekends.
– Effective and friendly customer service: Customer queries and complaints are addressed courteously and promptly.
– Customer integration: Nexa integrates with customer’s software for seamless operations.


– Nexa’s services may be costly for small businesses or startups.
– The absence of a free trial may prevent potential customers from trying out their services initially.


Overall, Nexa Receptionists offer top-tier professional virtual assistant services. Their round-the-clock customer support, bilingual services, and industry-specific expertise set them apart from competitors. While the pricing may be a downside for smaller businesses, the value provided in their services offers a considerable return on investment.


Does Nexa offer a free trial?

No, currently, Nexa does not offer a free trial for its services.

Does Nexa provide 24/7 service?

Yes, Nexa provides its services round the clock, even on weekends and holidays.

What industries does Nexa cater to?

Nexa caters to a wide range of industries including legal, home services, healthcare, and property management.

Is Nexa’s service available in languages other than English?

Yes, Nexa offers bilingual services in English and Spanish.