MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant Review 2024

Information about the Company

MyOutDesk, born out of an entrepreneurial challenge faced by its founders, stands as a beacon for businesses seeking streamlined operations. While the founders themselves felt the overwhelming weight of growing business demands and administrative chores, their solution — MyOutDesk — serves as a reminder of innovation born from necessity. Today, it provides businesses the world over with an opportunity to focus on growth, sales, and opportunity by outsourcing essential yet time-consuming tasks to skilled Virtual Professionals.

What Areas They Work With

Catering to a wide spectrum of industries, MyOutDesk shines in diverse areas. Their services range from real estate to general administration, sales, marketing, customer service, and even specialized sectors like accounting. This broad-based approach ensures a tailored fit for myriad business requirements.

What are the Services They Provide

Accounting & Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant: A comprehensive financial solution without the overheads of in-house accountants.

Support & Customer Service Virtual Assistant: Dedicated to ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction through efficient query handling and support.

Marketing & Design Virtual Assistant: A hub for businesses aiming to carve a digital niche, be it through SEO, social media campaigns, or design.

General Administrative Virtual Assistant: For businesses needing a holistic administrative touch – from routine paperwork to online representation.

Real Estate Admin Virtual Assistant & ISA: A boon for the bustling real estate sector, ensuring seamless transactions and efficient lead management.


While the precise figures might require a current check, MyOutDesk offers competitive rates, bridging the gap between affordability and quality. This ensures businesses, whether startups or established entities, can harness the benefits of virtual assistance without breaking the bank.


  • Virtual assistance that doesn’t compromise quality for affordability.
  • With a plethora of services, businesses are spoilt for choice.
  • MyOutDesk offers adaptable solutions, allowing businesses to scale based on needs.
  • Rigorous training ensures that virtual professionals hit the ground running, and businesses have guidance from the get-go.
  • Competitive pay, ranging from $600 – $800 depending on the role.
  • Comprehensive Maxicare HMO coverage post six months.
  • Paid Time Off post 10 months.
  • Tremendous opportunities for career growth


  • Communication Barriers: As with any virtual service, there might be occasional hiccups in communication or understanding of nuanced tasks.
  • Dependency: Relying too heavily on external help might make businesses vulnerable during unforeseen service interruptions.
  • Cultural Differences: There can sometimes be minor cultural misunderstandings, which, while usually harmless, may require clarification.


In the contemporary business landscape, MyOutDesk stands as a paragon of innovation, foresight, and impeccable service. With its genesis rooted in recognizing and solving real business challenges, the company exemplifies proactive solutions for a dynamic market. By seamlessly integrating quality, efficiency, and affordability, MyOutDesk not only offers businesses the tools to soar but also acts as a reliable partner every step of the way. It’s more than just a virtual assistance platform—it’s an embodiment of a growth mindset that empowers businesses to unlock their full potential.


How does the application process start?

The journey with MyOutDesk commences from their user-friendly website. Prospective applicants can peruse through a variety of job roles, ranging from a General Admin Virtual Professional to an Appointment Setter. Once you’ve pinpointed the role that aligns with your professional aspirations, a simple click on the “Click to Apply” button leads you to an online application form. This form, though detailed, is intuitive and ensures candidates are well-aware of the system requirements (for both primary and backup PC, as well as internet connectivity). After filling out the necessary details, hitting the “Submit” button gets the ball rolling.

What is your screening process?

Ensuring a seamless fit between its Virtual Professionals and clients is paramount for MyOutDesk. To that end, every application submitted through their website undergoes a thorough review process. Spanning approximately 2-3 business days, this process integrates multiple layers of screening: an initial call invitation, followed by a preliminary interview conducted by a Recruitment Specialist. Post this, candidates are subjected to an online profile examination, culminating in a final interview overseen by the Recruitment Manager. The process concludes with a systems check.

Note: A hallmark of MyOutDesk’s transparency is its consistent communication. Applicants are routinely updated about the status of their application. Hence, it’s advisable to regularly check both your email (including the spam folder) and messages for updates from MyOutDesk.

I’m hired! What’s next?

Congratulations on making the cut! New hires at MyOutDesk are immediately ushered into the next available training class. This training, while comprehensive, is also highly specialized. It encompasses the essentials of the US Real Estate sector, ensuring you’re well-acquainted with the industry specifics. Additionally, it delves into various tools and resources, guaranteeing you’re equipped to excel as a virtual professional. Once this training phase concludes, MyOutDesk plays matchmaker, aligning your unique skill set and work experience with the requirements of their diverse clientele. Before you realize, you’re immersed in meaningful work and receiving your inaugural paycheck!