My BTLR Review

Information About the Company

Founded in 2014, My BTLR serves as a one-stop-shop for cost-effective virtual assistant services. Having an expansive client base across the globe, this company aims at boosting productivity and efficiency for businesses of varying sizes and niches. Their capable and professional team stands ready to handle administrative functions, customer service responsibilities, and numerous other tasks, providing personalized, convenient, and efficient services.

What Areas they work with

My BTLR’s services span across a wide array of industries. Here are a few examples:

Real Estate: From managing appointments to answering inquiries, their VAs assist realtors in streamlining their operations.
Financial Services: They offer support with bookkeeping, scheduling, and data entry, enabling financial companies to enhance their operational efficiency.
Healthcare: They work with healthcare professionals, managing their calendars, patient inquiries, and administrative tasks.
Marketing: They take care of social media management, email marketing and other marketing tasks, helping companies widen their reach.

What Services Provides

Among the myriad of services provided by My BTLR, here are some frequently utilized ones:

Administrative Support: This includes managing emails, calendars, and files, and more, ensuring smooth business operations.
Customer Service: My BTLR handles all types of customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback, focusing on client satisfaction.
Research: Their VAs can conduct comprehensive research on any given subject, providing quality data and insights.
Social Media Management: They help businesses establish an online presence by creating and managing social media profiles and content.


My BTLR offers several subscription plans for businesses to choose from. Clients can choose from the Standard plan, Premium plan or the Enterprise plan. The Standard plan is priced at $199 per month for 10 hours. The Premium plan, priced at $499, gives the user 30 hours per month. The Enterprise plan is more flexible with the hourly rate and hours available based on the needs of the client.


– Dashboard for easy task management
– Astute and quick-to-respond VAs
– Flexible prices
– No long-term contracts
– Multi-industry support


– No services on weekends
– Unused hours don’t roll over to the next month
– No services in languages other than English


My BTLR undoubtedly offers robust and versatile VA services that enable businesses to focus more on growth rather than mundane tasks. Despite minor shortcomings, their service quality, pricing flexibility and a vast array of support across numerous industries make them a considerable choice for virtual assistant services.


Does My BTLR provide 24/7 service?

No, they do not offer 24/7 service.

Can unused hours be carried over to the next month?

No, unused hours do not roll over to the next month.

What languages do the VAs at My BTLR speak?

Currently, they provide services in English only.

Does My BTLR provide any trial periods?

Currently, they do not offer any trial periods.