iWorker Virtual Assistant Services Review

Information about the company:

iWorker is not just another virtual assistant company; it’s a mission-driven organization with a heart. Based in New Mexico, U.S., iWorker stands out in the virtual assistant landscape due to its unique workforce composition. The company primarily employs virtual assistants from Venezuela and other South American countries, regions that have faced significant economic challenges. Founded in 2013 by John Miles, Eric Tanaka, and Enrique Yervez, the company’s inception was inspired by the founders’ interactions with Venezuelan immigrants in Argentina. Recognizing the potential and the need for employment among these skilled individuals, iWorker was born. The company’s ethos revolves around providing quality employment opportunities to individuals from economically challenged regions, thereby not only offering quality services to clients but also making a tangible difference in the lives of its employees.

What areas they work with:

iWorker’s virtual assistants are versatile and skilled across various domains. The company recognizes the diverse needs of businesses and individuals and has, therefore, trained its workforce to cater to a broad spectrum of areas. From the bustling world of eCommerce to the intricate details of web development, iWorker’s assistants are adept at handling tasks across domains. Their expertise also extends to direct sales, where they manage phone sales, email outreach, and competitor research. Additionally, they are proficient in customer service, ensuring that client queries are addressed promptly and efficiently. For those seeking personal assistance, iWorker’s virtual assistants are equipped to manage diaries, make travel bookings, and handle other personal tasks, ensuring that clients can focus on what they do best.

What services they provide:

Diving deeper into the services offered by iWorker, clients can expect a comprehensive range of virtual assistance:

  • eCommerce Services: This includes everything from order processing to customer service. Whether it’s managing a Shopify store or addressing customer queries, iWorker’s virtual assistants ensure smooth operations for online businesses.
  • Direct Sales Services: iWorker recognizes the importance of sales for businesses. Their virtual assistants are trained in phone sales, email outreach, and even competitor research, ensuring that businesses have all the information and support they need to drive sales.
  • WordPress & Web Development: In the digital age, an online presence is crucial. iWorker’s virtual assistants are skilled in modifying and managing WordPress sites, handling plugins, and managing content, ensuring that businesses have a robust and efficient online presence.
  • Customer Service: A satisfied customer is a repeat customer. iWorker’s virtual assistants are trained to respond to customer queries promptly, manage social media interactions, and ensure that customers always have a positive interaction with the business.
  • Personal Assistance: Life can get busy, and sometimes, we all need a little help. iWorker’s virtual assistants are adept at managing diaries, making travel bookings, and handling other personal tasks, ensuring that clients can focus on their priorities.

By offering such a diverse range of services, iWorker ensures that they cater to the varied needs of businesses and individuals, making them a one-stop solution for all virtual assistance needs.


iWorker operates on a straightforward pricing model. Clients are charged a flat rate of $5.95 for every hour the assistant works. There are no hidden charges, contracts, or minimum monthly plans. Additionally, iWorker offers a 3-hour free trial, allowing potential clients to test their services before making a commitment.


  • Economical Rates: Due to their unique hiring model, iWorker can offer competitive rates.
  • Skilled Workforce: Only 3% of applicants are selected, ensuring top-quality service.
  • Noble Cause: By hiring from iWorker, clients indirectly contribute to improving the lives of individuals from economically challenged regions.
  • Flexibility: No contracts or minimum monthly plans offer clients flexibility in terms of commitment.


  • Time Zone Differences: As most of the virtual assistants are based in South American countries, there might be time zone challenges for clients from other parts of the world.
  • Language Barriers: While the assistants are bilingual, there might be occasional language barriers.


iWorker stands out not just for the services they offer but also for the cause they support. By providing employment opportunities to individuals from economically challenged regions, they are making a significant social impact. Their competitive rates, combined with a skilled workforce, make them a viable option for businesses and individuals seeking virtual assistant services. However, potential clients should consider the time zone and potential language barriers before making a decision.


Where are iWorker’s virtual assistants based?

Primarily in Venezuela and other South American countries.

What is the pricing model of iWorker?

They charge a flat rate of $5.95 per hour of work by the virtual assistant.

How does iWorker ensure the quality of their virtual assistants?

iWorker has a rigorous interview process, and they only accept 3% of the applicants, ensuring that clients get top-quality service.