Intellink Review

Information about the Company

As an industry-leader in high-quality virtual assistant services, Intellink offers a range of services designed to support businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their professional goals. Founded with the mission of providing first-rate administrative support to businesses all over the globe, Intellink takes pride in its team of seasoned virtual assistants, armed with expertise in a variety of areas and industries.

What Areas They Work With

Intellink serves a wide range of industries, providing virtual assistant solutions tailored to meet each sector’s unique demands. Below are some examples:

E-commerce: Assisting with inventory management, customer service, and order processing.
Real Estate: Facilitating appointments, managing property listings, and handling client follow-ups.
Legal Firms: Providing transcription services, document preparation, and scheduling consultations.
Healthcare: Offering medical billing, patient scheduling, and administrative support.

What Services Provides

Intellink offers a diverse range of services designed to cater to the unique needs of clients from different business sectors:

Administrative Tasks: Handling calls, managing calendars, scheduling appointments, and making travel arrangements.
Social Media Management: Creating engaging content, scheduling posts, and managing interactions with customers.
E-Commerce Support: Managing product listings, processing orders, and handling customer inquiries.
Customer Support: Providing 24/7 live chat or email support, handling complaints and queries, and assisting in customer interaction.


Intellink offers tiered pricing plans that cater to various budget and needs. The cost typically ranges from $25 – $35 per hour, depending on the complexity of tasks and hours required.


Intellink range of benefits include:

– Access to experienced professionals, ready to assist in a range of tasks.
– Round-the-clock customer service, ensuring 24/7 availability.
– Flexible pricing providing cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.
– Streamlined processes and systems, resulting in improved work efficiency.


Despite its range of benefits and quality services, some potential downsides to consider include:

– VAs may be located in different time zones which could affect communication.
– Some tasks could require specific industry knowledge that a general VA might not possess.
– Relying heavily on a VA can cause issues in the case of sickness, holidays, or turnover.


In conclusion, Intellink offers a comprehensive solution for businesses in need of reliable and cost-effective virtual assistant services. With its range of services, industry expertise, and flexible pricing, it stands as a promising tool for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and achieve greater efficiency.


What type of clients does Intellink serve?

Intellink serves a diverse range of clients from varying industries including e-commerce, real estate, legal, and healthcare sectors.

How does Intellink charge for its services?

Intellink charges hourly rates that typically range from $25 – $35, depending on the complexity of the tasks and hours required.

Can Intellink provide services tailored to my specific business needs?

Yes, Intellink is committed to providing solutions that meet every individual client’s specific needs. They have professionals experienced in various industries, ready to assist.