Intelligent Review

Information about the company

Intelligent Office is a leading firm offering a range of services to businesses spanning across various sectors. The company integrates modern technology seamlessly with its professional services, thereby providing an excellent solution for businesses looking for smart office and administrative solutions. Their team of virtual assistants are highly skilled and versatile, equipped to handle various tasks in a wide array of business areas.

What areas they work with

Intelligent Office caters to a diverse range of Industries:

  • Real Estate: They provide real estate businesses with virtual assistance, ranging from lead management to appointment scheduling.
  • Legal Firms: Plenty of law firms look to Intelligent Office for management of their administrative tasks, such as call handling and calendar management.
  • Healthcare: They work with healthcare providers, managing appointment bookings, call handling and other office tasks.
  • Finance & Insurance: Financial institutions and insurance companies also make use of their virtual office services for customer support, administrative tasks, and more.

What services they provide

Intelligent Office provides a wide array of services:

  • Virtual Assistant Services: Assistance with administrative work, customer support, and other routine tasks.
  • Telephone Answering Services: Quick and professional handling of inbound calls and routing them as required.
  • Virtual Office Spaces: For businesses that require a professional address or meeting rooms without the full-time office space.
  • Mail Services: Collection and forwarding of physical mail items.


Intelligent Office’s pricing structure is flexible and depends on the specific requirements of the client. They offer a range of plans from basic to premium, with different amenities included at each level. It is advisable to request a quote directly from the company website for more detailed information.


  • 24/7 availability of services which can adapt to any business’s operational hours
  • A highly skilled team ready to handle tasks in a professional manner
  • Reduces in-house staffing costs and improves productivity by automating routine tasks
  • The flexibility of plans and pricing to fit various business needs and budgets


  • Some clients may find their pricing higher in comparison to other similar service providers
  • Six-month minimum commitment period may deter some potential clients
  • Some services may not be available in all regions


With a wide range of services on offer, Intelligent Office is a great solution for businesses wanting to streamline operations and improve productivity. Their team of professionals offers round-the-clock support, with various packages to suit diverse business needs. Despite a few cons, their commitment to quality makes them a preferred choice amongst many businesses.


What is the minimum commitment period for a subscription?

Most plans require a minimum commitment period of six months.

Do they offer any trial period?

Currently, Intelligent Office does not offer any trial periods. It is advisable to contact their support team for further queries.

Are their services available worldwide?

Though they serve globally, not all services are available in all regions. Potential customers are advised to inquire for specific details.