HourlyNerd Review

Information about the Company

HourlyNerd is an online marketplace that connects businesses with top-tier MBA students and graduates for short-term business consultations. Founded in 2013 by a team of Harvard Business School students, the company aims to bring the benefits of high-quality consultation to small and medium businesses unable to afford top consulting firms.

What Areas They Work With

Among the primary areas that HourlyNerd provides its services to include:

Advertising & Marketing: HourlyNerd provides virtual assistive services for effective marketing and advertising strategies.
Consulting Services: Providing valuable insights for different industries.
Manufacturing Services : Helping manufacturing companies streamline their operations for increased efficiency.
Non-Profit Organization: Assisting non-profit organisations in shaping their operations and strategy.

What Services Provides

HourlyNerd offers a wide range of services including marketing, strategy, finance, sales and operations. Each of these services contains professional consulting, expert advice and practical solutions.

Marketing: HourlyNerd’s marketing experts help identify and communicate with your target groups to boost brand recognition and sales.

Strategy: This service helps define and implement strategic plans for growth and increased competitiveness.

Finance: Through this service, the company provides financial modelling, valuation, due diligence and budgeting assistance.

Sales and Operations: HourlyNerd assists in streamlining operations and increasing sales efficiency.


HourlyNerd offers a competitive and flexible pricing structure. With an average rate of $100 to $200 per hour, prices furthermore vary depending on the consultant’s experience level, the complexity of the project, geographic location, and nature of the work. There are hourly rates for smaller projects, while larger projects can be completed on a fixed-budget basis.


– Access to top-tier MBA students and business consultants.
– Platform is user friendly and easy to navigate.
– Flexibility in terms of pricing, dependent on project complexity and consultant experience.
– High degree of customization allowing for tailored solutions for clients.


– The rigid requirement for consultants to be top-tier MBA students or graduates may limit the diversity of ideas and experiences.
– The business model might not be suitable for some long-term, in-depth projects.
– Dependence on the availability of consultants may lead to challenges in on-demand services.


Overall, HourlyNerd is an innovative platform designed to provide high-quality and cost-effective consulting services. With a robust network of highly educated and experienced consultants, the marketplace is well-suited for businesses seeking expert advice and insights without the expense of large consulting firms.


What industries does HourlyNerd serve?

HourlyNerd serves various industries including advertising & marketing, manufacturing, consulting services, and non-profit organizations among others.

What services does HourlyNerd provide?

HourlyNerd offers services in strategy, marketing, finance and sales operations.

How is the pricing structure at HourlyNerd?

HourlyNerd uses a flexible pricing structure depending on the consultant’s experience, complexity of the project, and geographical location.

What are the cons of using HourlyNerd?

The rigid requirement for top-tier MBAs might limit the diversity of ideas. On-demand services might be affected due to the availability of consultants.