goLance Review

Information about the Company

goLance is an online platform that provides remote talent solutions, connecting businesses with a global pool of freelancers. The company has carved a niche in facilitating virtual assistant services, helping businesses manage tasks efficiently.

What Areas They Work With


E-commerce businesses utilize goLance for managing customer service, inventory updates, and other operational tasks.

IT Services

Tech companies leverage virtual assistants from goLance for project management, technical support, and administrative tasks.


Marketing firms employ virtual assistants to handle social media, content creation, and data analysis.

What Services Provides

Administrative Support

Virtual assistants handle scheduling, email management, and other administrative tasks.

Customer Support

Assistants manage customer inquiries, providing 24/7 support to enhance customer satisfaction.

Social Media Management

Experts take over social media interactions, content planning, and analytics.


goLance offers competitive pricing, which varies based on the service level and expertise required. Businesses can choose from hourly rates or fixed-price projects.


  • Global Talent Pool: Access to a diverse range of skilled professionals.
  • Scalability: Easy to scale operations with flexible hiring.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduction in operational costs due to remote hiring.


  • Communication Challenges: Time zone differences can affect collaboration.
  • Varying Quality: As with any freelance platform, the skill level can vary.


goLance provides robust solutions for businesses looking to hire virtual assistants. The platform’s flexibility, combined with a comprehensive range of services, makes it an attractive option for companies in various industries.


How does goLance ensure the quality of virtual assistants?

goLance screens freelancers to ensure only qualified candidates are matched with businesses.

What is the average cost of hiring a virtual assistant on goLance?

The cost can vary widely depending on the assistant’s location and level of expertise.