GetFriday Virtual Assistant Review for 2024

Information about the Company

Operating as a subsidiary of TTK Services Private Limited, GetFriday holds a notable position within the prestigious TTK Group in India. Established in 2000, GetFriday initially targeted the unique needs of Indian expats worldwide. However, by 2005, they transitioned and broadened their horizons, emerging as a versatile virtual assistance service. Furthermore, in 2014, they ventured into the realm of business support services, marking their presence in fields like digital marketing and app development. Simultaneously, since 2005, the company’s Global Mobility Division has catered to the travel and immigration needs of clients in India, solidifying its reputation in the nation’s immigration and visa service sector.

What Areas They Work With

GetFriday provides services across two primary domains, catering to both individuals and businesses :

Personal Virtual Assistant: This area focuses on assisting individuals with their day-to-day tasks, ensuring smooth running of personal errands and activities. It encapsulates a wide array of services designed to facilitate lifestyle, travel, research, and administrative tasks. e.

Business Services Support: Targeting startups, small businesses, and even larger enterprises, this area aims to provide businesses with specialized support.

What are the Services They Provide

1. Personal Virtual Assistant Services

Family & Personal: This service involves managing various day-to-day tasks for individuals or families, ensuring smooth daily operations. It covers everything from researching best schools, booking services like plumbers and electricians, managing event planning, setting reminders, handling online purchases, sending gifts, to even meal plan research. Essentially, it’s akin to having a personal manager for everyday tasks.

Travel Management: A segment solely dedicated to handling travel logistics. Whether it’s researching and booking flights, preparing itineraries, making hotel reservations, or organizing airport-to-hotel transfers, GetFriday ensures that every aspect of a client’s travel is managed seamlessly.

Online Research: In our information-saturated age, sifting through and finding the right information can be time-consuming. This service offers everything from market research, job searches, competitor analysis, property research, finding doctors, to even specific research on products or services. It’s a way to outsource the digital legwork.

Remote Executive Secretary: This is a boon for professionals juggling their work schedules. Services include email management, scheduling appointments, calendar management, travel arrangements, event organization, and even handling of personal social profiles. This service essentially replicates the role of a traditional executive secretary, but remotely.

Sundry Tasks: These are miscellaneous tasks that might not fit into a specific category but are essential nonetheless. This could include expense management, student assessment reviews, video & audio editing, CRM management, transcription, and more. A sort of catch-all for diverse needs.

2. Business Process Support

BFSI: Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) services that offer a range of financial solutions, helping clients stay competitive in a demanding market.

Education & Training: Offering services related to the education sector, helping institutions or individuals manage and improve their learning processes.

Entertainment & Event Management: Tailored solutions for the entertainment industry, ensuring that events and productions are executed flawlessly.

Healthcare & Fitness: Services tailored to the needs of the health and wellness industry, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced patient or client experiences.

Web Development Services: Digital front is vital in today’s world. From content management systems, web design, ecommerce solutions, app development to server-less application development, GetFriday provides holistic web solutions.

SEO/Digital Marketing: In the digital age, visibility is key. Services encompassing Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, content creation, and more, ensure clients maintain a robust online presence.

Bookkeeping Services: Ensuring businesses’ financials are in order, this segment takes care of accounts payable, receivable, general accounting, and report generation.

Research & Analytics: For businesses looking to strategize, this service offers market research, financial analysis, business plan writing, and more, ensuring informed decision-making.

Overall, GetFriday’s service offerings are comprehensive, catering to both personal and professional needs, ensuring clients can offload tasks and focus on what they truly love or need to do.


Plan Monthly Price Hours Included Hourly Rate Additional Hour Rate Rollover
BASIC 5 $65 5 hours $13/hour $14/hour NA
BASIC 10 $120 10 hours $12/hour $13/hour NA
BASIC 20 $200 20 hours $10/hour $12/hour NA
Plus 40 $360 40 hours $9/hour $10/hour Max 8 hours
Plus 60 $510 60 hours $8.5/hour $9.5/hour Max 12 hours
Plus 80 $640 80 hours $8/hour $9/hour Max 16 hours
Plus 120 $900 120 hours $7.5/hour $8.5/hour Max 24 hours
Plus 160 $1120 160 hours $7/hour $8/hour Max 32 hours
PAY AS YOU GO $5 0 hours $15/hour NA NA

Note: The aforementioned monthly subscription plans/pricing are applicable only for VA services such as personal tasks and generic business administrative tasks. Specialized services like website design or development, graphic design, digital marketing, SEO, accounting, bookkeeping, and content writing require specialized skills and may cost more.

For detailed pricing on specialized services, it’s recommended to consult GetFriday’s business services section.


  • Accessibility: Having a Virtual Assistant (VA) from GetFriday means you have a centralized point of contact for all your tasks, big or small. This results in streamlined communication and reduced hassle of dealing with multiple vendors or service providers.
  • Timelines: GetFriday’s commitment to completing tasks on schedule ensures that clients can have peace of mind. Their dedication to punctuality can be particularly valuable for time-sensitive tasks or those requiring strict deadlines.
  • Process Driven: By building processes for repetitive tasks and projects, the company eliminates dependency on individuals. This structured approach ensures consistency in deliverables, regardless of the person executing the task.
  • Flexible Pricing: With multiple plans available, from ‘Pay as You Go’ to fixed monthly hours, clients have the freedom to select a package that suits their needs best. This caters to both occasional users and those who require consistent, regular assistance.
  • Security: Trusting a third party with personal or business information can be daunting. However, GetFriday has robust security measures in place, ensuring that client information remains confidential and protected.
  • Ad hoc Projects: For clients wary of commitment or wanting to test the services, GetFriday provides the flexibility to begin with smaller, one-off tasks. This allows clients to gauge the quality and reliability of services before diving into bigger projects or retainer contracts.
  • Backup Assistants: The assurance of having backup VAs ensures that tasks continue seamlessly, even if your primary VA is unavailable. This redundancy is essential to maintain consistency and reduce disruptions.


  • Legal and Ethical Limitations: GetFriday refrains from handling tasks that could be considered illegal. This includes activities such as completing school or college assignments, impersonation, online exams, and generating plagiarized content.
  • Ethical Boundaries: The company’s ethical code prohibits them from executing tasks that might be considered unethical. This extends to activities such as completing online courses on someone’s behalf or creating fake social media accounts to manipulate online rankings.
  • Cultural and Social Sensitivities: Certain tasks might be rejected if they are considered culturally insensitive or socially inappropriate. While this policy upholds the company’s commitment to respect and decency, some clients might find it restrictive.
  • Uncomfortable Requests: Tasks that could put VAs in a position of discomfort, like online dating or payment collections, are off-limits. While these boundaries are set to protect the VAs, they might limit the range of tasks clients can delegate.


In today’s fast-paced world where time often slips away, GetFriday’s Virtual Assistant services shine brightly, offering a solution for those aiming to enhance both their personal and professional lives. Their steadfast commitment to timeliness, their methodical approach, and stringent security protocols set them apart as a top contender in the VA industry. They not only set clear boundaries to maintain legal and ethical standards, but these very limitations highlight their unwavering commitment to integrity, respect, and professionalism.

Opting for GetFriday goes beyond just delegating tasks. It means forming a partnership with a team attuned to the modern world’s ever-changing demands. It signifies teaming up with a firm that prioritizes trust, efficiency, and respect in every endeavor. Amidst a digital era overflowing with choices, GetFriday distinguishes itself not just as a service, but as a genuine partner in your pursuit of excellence. For those on the hunt for enhanced productivity and a balanced life, the path is evident: GetFriday paves the way.


How long does it take to get started?

Once the signup process is completed, it typically takes 1 business day for a suitable assistant to be assigned. If you prefer to select an assistant after speaking with several of our team members, the process might take a bit longer.

How can I track my hours?

You can monitor your usage through our online customer portal. After the sign-up process, you’ll receive login details for this portal. It offers a dashboard view of tasks outsourced to date and their respective time logs. Additionally, upon request, your assistant can share usage details daily, weekly, or fortnightly.

Is my information secure?

Yes, your information’s safety is our top priority. We are an ISO 27001 certified company, ensuring strict adherence to international standards on data protection. Your sensitive and personally identifiable data is encrypted, and our staff only accesses it on a need-to-know basis.

What are the charges for urgent tasks during weekends?

For urgent weekend tasks, you’ll be charged 1.5 times your hourly rate. If your assistant chooses to handle weekday tasks over the weekend for internal reasons, no extra fees apply.

What if I use up all my purchased hours? Can I still have more tasks done?

Certainly! If you’ve exhausted your package hours, any additional work will be charged at the hourly rate specific to your plan.