Gabtech Global LLC Review

Information About The Company

Gabtech Global LLC. is a top-notch business solutions provider that specializes in offering virtual assistant services to various industries around the globe. Established with the aim of providing quality and affordable services, the company has been able to accumulate a diverse clientele by enabling them to focus on their core expertise while they manage their routine tasks.

What Areas They Work With

Gabtech Global thrives in providing for a myriad of industries such as real estate, healthcare, IT, retail, finance, manufacturing and so forth. Their assistants are adept at acing tasks ranging from administrative, customer service, social media management, content creation, data entry, and bookkeeping.

What Services They Provide

Gabtech Global offers a wide range of services, which include:
* Administrative support
* Social media management
* Email and Calendar management
* Accounting and bookkeeping
* Customer support
* Content creation

The professionals from Gabtech are selected through a meticulous process to ensure they possess the right skills required for each job.


Gabtech Global LLC. offers competitive and budget-friendly prices to suit the needs of different businesses. Their dedication towards delivering value through their services has made them a preferred choice amongst small businesses, startup companies and entrepreneurs.


* Enables companies to focus on their core business
* Affordable and high-quality service
* Round the clock service
* Saves cost on hiring full-time employees
* Flexibility of hiring on an hourly or project basis
* Streamline productivity and operations


Although they offer an extensive range of services, they do not provide services in specific niches like legal assistance or technical writing. The time difference can also occasionally cause communication issues, depending on where you’re located.


In a highly challenging and competitive business environment, Gabtech Global LLC. makes an excellent choice by offering competitive pricing, a variety of services, and professional assistants who are committed to delivering top-notch performance to its clients around the globe. While there are some minor shortcomings, the company does a great job at ensuring overall customer satisfaction.


What industries does Gabtech Global serve?

Gabtech serves various industries like real estate, healthcare, IT, retail, finance, manufacturing, etc.

What are the services offered by Gabtech Global?

They offer administrative support, social media management, email and calendar management, bookkeeping, customer support, content creation and more.

What pricing does Gabtech have?

Gabtech offers competitive and budget-friendly prices, according to the specific requirements of the client.

What are the pros and cons of choosing Gabtech?

The benefits of choosing Gabtech include affordable services, round the clock availability, cost savings and increased productivity. The cons include lack of services in niche areas and possible communication issues due to time zone differences.