Equivity Review

Information about the Company

Equivity is a distinguished company that offers virtual assistant services to individuals and businesses across the globe. Established in 2014, the San Francisco based firm is dedicated to helping professionals maximize their productivity by handling their administrative, marketing, and paralegal needs. With a team of US-based virtual assistants who are college-educated, have significant professional experience, and possess specialized skills in various industries, Equivity seeks to establish long-lasting partnerships with their clients, understand their goals and assist them in reaching these goals.

What Areas They Work With

Equivity works with a wide range of industries, offering tailored services to meet their specific needs. Some of these industries include:

Law Firms: Equivity provides paralegal services, managing crucial legal documents, and assisting with legal research and drafting tasks.
Real Estate: For real estate professionals and agencies, they offer marketing services, website management, and customer service, among other tasks.
Marketing Companies: Equivity helps marketing firms with tasks like content creation, social media management, and email marketing.
Small Businesses: From handling administrative tasks to providing bookkeeping services, Equivity is experienced in supporting small businesses across various sectors.

What Services Provides

At its core, Equivity provides three main types of services:

1. Administrative Services: This focuses on handling general administrative tasks such as email and calendar management, customer service, data entry, booking travel and appointments, and other multiple office tasks.
2. Marketing Services: They offer a broad range of marketing services including content creation, SEO, social media management, email marketing campaigns, and website design and management.
3. Paralegal Services: For law firms and businesses, Equivity offers paralegal services, handling legal document management, legal research and drafting, and more.


The pricing at Equivity varies depending on the service package chosen. The Administrative and Marketing packages start at $450 per month for 15 hours, while the Paralegal package starts at $1800 for 30 hours. Equivity gives an option for additional hours at an hourly rate.


– Equivity’s virtual assistants are US-based, college-educated individuals, ensuring high-quality, professional services.
– Experts in various fields, including legal, marketing, real estate, and more.
– Offers specialized packages based on the needs of the individual or business.
– 24/7 availability, allowing flexibility for the clients.
– Personalized service, providing clients with a dedicated virtual assistant.


– Compared to some alternatives, Equivity’s services could be considered relatively more expensive.
– Besides English, no mention of services in other languages, which could limit their reach to non-English speaking clients.


In conclusion, Equivity offers a highly professional virtual assistant service dedicated to improving efficiency and productivity. Although a bit pricier than some other options, the level of expertise and individualized service provided could well justify the cost.


Does Equivity offer services to clients in different time zones?

Yes, Equivity serves clients across the globe and can adapt to different time zones as required.

Can I pick a virtual assistant specializing in my field?

Yes, Equivity allows you to choose a virtual assistant that fits your specific requirements.

Can I change my service package after I’ve started?

Yes, Equivity allows for flexibility in choosing and altering the service package based on your changing needs.