Codementor Review

Information about the company

Codementor is a talented network of technologists based online that is dedicated to the swift solution of any and all coding issues. The platform was established in the year 2014 to provide support, mentorship, and freelance projects to developers. It particularly addresses the problems of new developers who might be stuck on bugs or are in dire need of learning a new technology.

What areas they work with

Education: Codementor has a pool of seasoned professionals ready to mentor or offer support to students, researchers and professors in computer and technology-related courses.

Startup Companies: Codementor works with new and growing businesses that are establishing their digital presence or expanding their digital capabilities.

Technology Firms: Codementor partners with technology companies who need extra support with code, debugging, or designing systems.

What services provides

Coding Help: Offers immediate assistance for coding problems.

Long-Term Mentorship: Provides consistent support and guidance to those who need it.

Freelance Jobs: Extends an opportunity for coders to find projects that suit their skills.


Payments at Codementor are made by the minute or at a fixed rate. For on-demand sessions and mentorship, the price ranges from $10 to $50 per 15 minutes. Fixed prices for projects vary widely, and are at the discretion of the freelancer and client.


– Codementor has a vast network of over 8,000 mentors.
– It covers almost every coding language, framework, and tool.
– The platform offers 24/7 support for coders.


– Codementor’s prices may be considered high by some users.
– Novice developers might be overwhelmed by the vast array of professionals and coding languages to choose from.


Codementor’s core strength lies in its robust network of experienced mentors, making it a valuable resource for developers at all levels. However, the potentially high cost for its services could form a barrier for those with limited budgets.


1. What languages are supported by Codementor?

Codementor supports a wide range of languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, C#, C++, and more.

2. How does payment work on Codementor?

Payments are made either on a per-minute basis or at a fixed rate agreed by both the mentor and the mentee.

3. How is Codementor beneficial for new developers?

New developers can take advantage of the mentorship programs to learn new skills and troubleshoot their coding issues.

4. Can Codementor be used by established tech firms?

Yes, tech firms can use Codementor for extra support in coding, bug fixing, or system designing.

5. Is Codementor only for students or personal tutors?

No, Codementor also supports professional developers looking for freelance projects or additional support.