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ChatterBoss Review

Information About the Company

ChatterBoss is a New York-based virtual assistant company providing round-the-clock support to businesses worldwide. Founded in 2014, they have built a strong reputation in the VA industry through their dedication to flexibility, professionalism, and bespoke services. They employ a team of skilled assistants globally who are meticulously matched with clients to ensure a perfect fit for every project.

What Areas They Work With

ChatterBoss offers its services across a broad range of areas such as:


Helping entrepreneurs streamline their businesses through tasks like scheduling, emailing, social media management, and more.

Real Estate:

Assisting real estate companies with scheduling viewings, updating listings, maintaining client communication, etc.


Supporting online businesses by managing eCommerce platforms, customer service, and inventory management.

What Services ChatterBoss Provides

ChatterBoss offers several services such as:

Virtual Assistance:

Providing diverse administrative support ranging from email management, diary booking, and meeting scheduling to customer service.

Social Media Management:

Helping manage the client’s social media presence, scheduling posts, and engaging with followers.

Content Creation:

Creating engaging content for websites, blog posts, newsletters, and more.


ChatterBoss operates on a subscription model with fixed monthly rates. Their packages start from $250/month for 5 hours of VA support up to $900/month for 30 hours of VA support. They also offer custom plans for higher usage.


  • Provide wide array of customizable services.
  • Team of highly skilled virtual assistants.
  • 24/7 availability for global businesses.
  • Matching system to ensure assistants align with business needs.


  • No hourly rates or pay-as-you-go option, monthly subscriptions only.
  • Could be expensive for startups or small businesses.


Overall, ChatterBoss is ideal for businesses seeking comprehensive, round-the-clock virtual assistance. Their services may come at a higher price point than competitors, but the flexibility, skillset, and professionalism of their team validates the cost.


Does ChatterBoss offer a trial period?

Information about trial periods is not directly stated on the ChatterBoss website. It is recommended to contact them directly for this information.

Can I change my service package midway through a month?

For any changes or customization in the middle of a billing cycle, it is advisable to directly contact ChatterBoss.

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