Boxcheck Review

Information about the Company

Founded several years ago, Boxcheck is a prominent company offering world-class virtual assistant services. The platform began with a humble vision of integrating tech-savviness with administrative assistance, and today, it stands tall as a decisive industry player. Serving various business sizes, from startups to corporate giants, Boxcheck covers industries as widespread as E-commerce, Real Estate, IT, Marketing, and others.

What Areas They Work With

Boxcheck displays a strong presence in many fundamental business areas. Here are the principal industries they serve:


Boxcheck provides effective virtual assistance for various E-commerce tasks, including store management, inventory control, and responding to customer service requests.

Real Estate:

With Boxcheck, real estate firms can streamline their administrative functions and delegate tasks like property listing, appointment scheduling, and client follow-ups.


In the IT domain, Boxcheck’s service offerings include project management, IT support, and software development assistance.


Boxcheck’s virtual assistants are proficient in various marketing tasks like email marketing, social media management, and content creation.

What Services Boxcheck Provides

Boxcheck’s service catalog is composed of but not limited to:

Administrative Assistance:

Boxcheck provides administrative support, including managing schedules, organizing emails, booking travel arrangements, and maintaining the efficiency of day-to-day business operations.

Marketing Support:

From social media management, email marketing to SEO optimization, Boxcheck helps businesses thrive digitally in their respective markets.

Customer Service:

Boxcheck’s virtual assistants help manage customer relations, addressing customer inquiries and improving the overall customer experience.


Boxcheck provides a flexible pricing structure that depends on the business requirements and the number of hours required. For specific price quotes, one has to contact Boxcheck directly.


– Skilled Virtual Assistants: Each assistant is trained and experienced in their respective fields.
– Scalable: You can easily scale up or down based on your needs and budget.
– Reliable Customer Support: They offer round-the-clock customer service.


– Pricing isn’t Transparent: Prices are not listed openly on their website, which might not sit well with some potential clients.
– Limited Industry Focus: Although Boxcheck operates in several industries, some potential clients might not find the specialized support they need in more niche sectors.


Boxcheck is an efficient, reliable, and flexible virtual assistant service provider. Even with minor drawbacks like non-transparent pricing, its extensive service offering, and widespread industry cover make it a competent player in the VA space.


What industries does Boxcheck serve?

Boxcheck operates in various industries such as E-commerce, Real Estate, IT, and Marketing.

What services does Boxcheck offer?

Boxcheck provides diverse services, including Administrative Assistance, Marketing Support, and Customer Service.

How is the pricing at Boxcheck?

Boxcheck doesn’t list prices on their website, they provide custom quotes based on your specific needs and tasks.