Information about the Company

BOLDLY is a virtual assistance and professional outsourcing company that provides skilled, reliable, and long-term virtual professional assistance to busy entrepreneurs and professionals. BOLDLY, previously known as Worldwide101, has been operating since 2012 and is well-renowned for its excellent customer support services. Geared by a mission to give clients back their valuable time, the BOLDLY team is comprised of professionals experienced in administration, customer service, marketing, project management, and more.

What Areas They Work With

BOLDLY operates across an array of industries, offering its valuable services to sectors like:

  • Real Estate: The company assists real estate professionals in managing their administrative tasks, marketing, and client relations.
  • Consulting: Consultants team up with BOLDLY to manage their client communication and project coordination allowing them to focus on their expertise.
  • Software & Technology: BOLDLY assists tech companies with project management, customer service and administrative tasks.
  • Finance & Venture Capital: BOLDLY provides comprehensive support services to financial firms from managing investor relations to dealing with administrative tasks.

What Services provides

BOLDLY has a suite of services tuned specifically to help businesses grow. They include:

  • Executive Assistance: Management of schedules, coordination of meetings, and other administrative tasks.
  • Marketing & Social Media Management: Oversee digital campaigns, manage social media channels, blog posts, and content creation.
  • Customer Support: Provide client service and support via phone or email.
  • Project Management: Management and coordination of projects to ensure they stay on track and within budget.


BOLDLY workforce service is subscription-based, offering flexible plans for different needs and budgets. They have three main pricing plans which are: 10 hours/month at $430, 20 hours/month at $840, and 40 hours/month at $1600. Allowing clients to scale up or down according to their needs.


  • High-quality professionals available on a long-term basis
  • Fully remote setup leading to lower costs
  • Flexible plans fitting both small and large business needs
  • Personalized service with professionals knowledgeable in your industry


  • Minimum commitment of 10 hours/month may not suit everyone’s needs
  • The service could be expensive for some small businesses
  • Their services exclude specific professional tasks like programming or design


BOLDLY is an impressive company offering high-quality, professional virtual assistant services. With its team of experienced professionals in various fields, it stands out as a reliable choice for businesses across various sectors. Although their pricing might not suit all, the level of service and efficiency they provide could well justify the investment for many businesses.


What tasks can I outsource to BOLDLY?

Tasks like administrative support, marketing, customer service and project management can be outsourced to BOLDLY.

What industries does BOLDLY specialize in?

BOLDLY caters to several industries including real estate, consulting, software & technology, and finance & venture capital.

How much does BOLDLY cost?

Prices range from $430 per month for 10 hours of service to $1600 per month for 40 hours of service.