ASL BPO Review

Information about the company

ASL BPO is a leading provider of outsourced business solutions. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, they offer a wide range of services to clients from around the globe. A notable characteristic of ASL BPO is their commitment to quality and client satisfaction, always aiming to deliver excellent service that supports their client’s growth and overall business strategy. With their extensive team of virtual assistants, they are well-equipped to meet diverse business needs in a cost-effective manner.

What areas they work with

ASL BPO works with a varied array of industries, showcasing a broad spectrum of expertise. Some of the industries they work with include but are not limited to:

E-commerce: They provide support to e-commerce businesses by handling any administrative tasks, customer service inquiries and assisting in managing product inventories.
Real Estate: For real estate businesses, they help manage databases, send out follow-up emails and support handling leasing agreements.
Tech Companies: ASL BPO assists tech companies by providing tech support, managing technical documents and assisting in project management.

What services provides

ASL BPO offers an abundance of services to cater for their diverse client base. Some of their services include:

Virtual assistance: Providing support in administrative tasks like scheduling, email management, and data entry.
Customer Support: Offering 24/7 support in addressing customer inquiries, handling product disputes, and monitoring customer feedbacks.
Technical Support: Assisting companies with resolving technical issues and managing technical documents.


ASL BPO offers different pricing plans based on the services required. Besides, they also provide custom plans tailored to the needs of your business. Information about pricing could not be directly found on the website, hence it is recommended to reach out to ASL BPO for a personal quote based on the specifics of your business and unique requirements.


Working with ASL BPO comes with multiple benefits:

– A sizable team of professional virtual assistants.
– Tailored services to meet diverse business needs.
– Affordable and flexible pricing plans.
– 24/7 customer support.


– Direct pricing information is not available on the website.
– Their live chat support, while beneficial, may not instantly connect due to timezone differences.


In conclusion, ASL BPO is a reliable outsourcing partner, capable of handling a wide array of tasks across various industries. Their commitment to deliver quality services coupled with their flexible pricing makes them an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes looking for virtual assistants.


Where is ASL BPO based?

ASL BPO is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

What industries does ASL BPO cater to?

ASL BPO caters to a wide range of industries including e-commerce, real estate, and tech companies among others.

Is pricing information available directly on the website?

No, direct pricing information is not available on the website; get in touch with them for a personalized quote.